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Andre Norton

Andre Norton fantasy literature author(1912-2005)
Alice Mary Norton, who wrote under the pseudonym Andre Norton, wrote hundreds of short stories, stand-alone novels, collaborations, and series in several genres (mostly science fiction and fantasy). She was the first woman to receive the Gandalf Grand Master Award from the World Science Fiction Society (1977). In 1983 she received the Damon Knight Memorial Grand Master Award from the Science Fiction Writers of America. Because of her tremendous influence on other writers, she is often referred to as the Grande Dame of Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Star Guard: Exciting and emotional

Star Guard by Andre Norton

Star Soldiers (2001 Baen Books, 2021 Tantor Media) contains the two related stand-alone stories Star Guard (1955) and Star Rangers (1953) which together are known as the CENTRAL CONTROL novels. I’m reviewing them separately since that’s how they were originally published. I’ve read more than 20 Andre Norton novels and these are some of my favorites. Like most of her work, they’ll be enjoyed most by teenagers, especially those new to science fiction.

In Star Guard we discover that the galaxy is policed by an organization called Central Control. Earth is part of the galactic league, but humans, who are uncivilized barbarians, are thought to be fit only for military service. Thus, they’re hi... Read More

Star Rangers: One of Norton’s best

Star Rangers by Andre Norton

Star Rangers (1953) (aka The Last Planet) is the second of Andre Norton’s stand-alone novels included in Star Soldiers, an omnibus released in print by Baen Books in 2001 and in audiobook format by Tantor Media in March 2021. Star Soldiers also includes the novel Star Guard (1955). These two novels are collectively known as the CENTRAL CONTROL stories and, as I mentioned in my review of Star Guard, “I’ve read more than 20 Norton novels and these are some of my favorites. Like most of her work, they’ll be enjoyed most by teenag... Read More

The Stars are Ours: A fine SF adventure

The Stars are Ours by Andre Norton

Tantor Media has been publishing the omnibus editions of Andre Norton’s science-fiction adventures in audiobook format. The omnibus (originally published by Baen) called Star Flight contains the novels The Stars are Ours and Star Born (the PAX/ASTRA duology). Both novels are set in the same universe (ours, actually) but they stand alone.

The prologue of The Stars are Ours, originally published in 1954, is a big infodump which details a frightening future history of the world in which we basically destroy ourselves with extreme nationalism, a nuclear war, a Cold War, terrorism, a propaganda-spewing anti-science demagogue, and racism. This leads to the destruction of ci... Read More

Star Born: One of Norton’s more exciting adventures

Star Born by Andre Norton

Andre Norton’s Star Born was originally published in 1957. In 2013 it was combined with the related prequel The Stars are Ours and released as Baen’s Star Flight omnibus. Now Tantor Media has published Star Flight in audio format with excellent narration by Ryan Burke. You don’t need to read The Stars are Ours before reading Star Born, but it adds some nice context and, if you purchase the cost-effective omnibus edition (I recommend the audio version!), it kind of makes sense to do so.

In the prequel ... Read More

Sargasso of Space: Old-fashioned sci-fi fun

Sargasso of Space by Andre Norton

Sargasso of Space is the opening novel in Andre Norton's so-called DANE THORSON (SOLAR QUEEN) series, and is a fine introduction to the books that follow. In this first volume we meet Dane Thorson, a young cargo-apprentice who is assigned (by mechanical Psycho selection) to the trader ship Solar Queen. The crew of the Queen pools its earnings and wins an entire planet, sight unseen, at auction. (Perhaps Ebay will be conducting auctions such as this in 50 or so years!) The crew then explores this strange planet, called Limbo, and discovers the remnants of a lost civilization, as well as globular natives, space pirates, mysterious artifacts and so on.
Ostensibly written for juveniles and "young adults," this novel has a strong appeal for "grown-ups" as well. Not for nothing has Ms. Norton become one of the most popular of all SFF writers, selling kajillions of books and endearing hers... Read More

Plague Ship: A marvelous entertainment

Plague Ship by Andre Norton

Plague Ship (1956) is the second installment in Andre Norton's so-called DANE THORSON (SOLAR QUEEN) series, and is a direct continuation of the previous volume, Sargasso of Space. (A reading of that earlier novel is highly recommended before going into this one.) Plague Ship does everything that a good sci-fi sequel should: It expands on the possibilities of the previous book, deepens the characters, increases the action and leaves us wanting still more. It's a very fast-moving and suspenseful tale, full of unusual detail and unexpected turns.

There are several highlights that make Plague Ship really shine, such as the gorp hunt early in the story. (And when I say "gorp," I'm not talking about high-energy nut-and-raisin trail mix, but rather reptilian, crablike monsters!) This gorp hunt takes place at sunset on the reefs of an... Read More

Voodoo Planet: A weak entry in an otherwise terrific series

Voodoo Planet by Andre Norton

Voodoo Planet
(1959), the third installment of the DANE THORSON / SOLAR QUEEN series, is a rather weak entry in this otherwise terrific bunch of books. Here, Dane, Captain Jellico, and Medic Tau are stranded on Khatka, a planet that had been settled many years ago by Africans after the Second Atomic War.

Our boys fight off many alien creatures in the wilds of Khatka — the fight with the rock apes is a highlight of the story — and help conquer the evil witch doctor who is trying to overthrow the legitimate government. Magic is thrown about left and right with only a superficial, mumbo-jumbo explanation of how things are done; something about ancestral memories. When all is said and done, the reader has enjoyed the sequences with the alien monsters but is left shaking his/her head at the implausibility of the magical elements. What might have worked in a tale of Norton’s WITCH W... Read More

The Crossroads of Time: Chasing a tyrant across parallel Earths

The Crossroads of Time by Andre Norton

Recently, Tantor Audio has been releasing audiobook editions of many of Andre Norton’s stories which have been combined in omnibus editions originally published by Baen Books. I’ve been reviewing each novel separately because that’s our preference here at Fantasy Literature, but I love that readers can purchase these relatively short novels in cost-effective omnibus editions, and I am especially pleased that these stories are finally available in audiobook format.

Crosstime contains two stories about Blake Walker, an orphan who doesn’t know where he comes from and has an uncanny ability to sense imminent danger. In the first story, The Crossroads of Time, which was originally published in 1956, Blake is shaving when he gets a sudden and ... Read More

Quest Crosstime: A slightly sloppy story with some prescient ideas

Quest Crosstime by Andre Norton

Quest Crosstime (1965) is Andre Norton’s second and final story about Blake Walker, a man who has the precognitive ability to sense when he’s in danger. Quest Crosstime is combined with The Crossroads of Time (1956), the first novel about Blake Walker, in the Crosstime omnibus which was published by Baen books in 2008 and has recently been released in an audiobook edition by Tantor Media. Graham Rowat gives a nice retro-sounding performance in Tantor’s audiobook edition which is 12 hours long (for both books).

At the beginning of Quest Crosstime we meet Marfy, a young woman who has just landed on a desol... Read More

Sea Siege: An unusual story for Norton

Sea Siege by Andre Norton

In the mid-20th century, Griffith lives in the West Indies with his father, a famous scientist who studies marine biology. Griffith, who helps his father with his research, thinks the work is pretty boring. He hopes to go back to America soon to attend the Air Force Academy.

Griff suddenly becomes more interested in his father’s work when something in the sea starts attacking ships near the island he lives on. Some people think it’s a dupee, others think it’s a Russian submarine. When a large radioactive sea creature washes up on shore, the octopi begin acting weird, and the American Navy arrives to build a facility they aren’t allowed to talk about, the islanders become worried. Not only are they concerned about the environmental effects on the reef, but they are also nervous about their island being caught in the middle of a Cold War that seems t... Read More

Star Gate: An innovative concept

Star Gate by Andre Norton

Kincar’s grandfather, the warlord of their Gorthian clan, is on his deathbed. Kincar assumes that he and his half-brother will soon be forced to contend for leadership of the clan but, before he dies, his grandfather informs Kincar that Kincar’s father was a Star Lord, one of the mighty (human) race who can travel to other worlds. Encouraged by his grandfather, accompanied by his trusty animal companion (a bird of prey), and armed with a handy magical amulet, Kincar leaves his Gorthian family to join his father’s people.

When he meets the Star Lords, they explain that they have had too much influence on Gorth, causing it to develop faster than it naturally would have. They will now use a gate to travel to a parallel Gorth which they hope will be uninhabited by humanoid species.

But things go awry and they end up in an alternate Gorth where, Kincar is surprised to discover, people are ... Read More

The Time Traders: Non-stop adventure for kids and adults

The Time Traders by Andre Norton

Ross Murdock just can’t follow the rules, so he keeps getting in trouble with the law. He’s arrogant, rebellious, independent, smart, competent, and proud. That makes him the perfect recruit for the government’s secret Time Traders program, so when they offer Ross the option to either join up or go to jail, he doesn’t have much choice. Ross has no idea what’s going on with his new job, but he figures he’ll be able to escape. That turns out to be a lot harder than he expected — because they’ve sent him back in time! Ross’s job is to figure out how the Soviets (“the reds”) are getting their advanced technology. The U.S. government thinks they are getting it from somewhere in the past and Ross must try to find their secret base in a Bronze Age society. Stubborn and hard to defeat, Ross Murdock is the perfect man for the job. But this job isn’t easy — it’s a constant fight for survival.

... Read More

The Defiant Agents: Not one of Norton’s best stories

The Defiant Agents by Andre Norton

The Defiant Agents is the third book in Andre Norton’s TIME TRADERS series about a secret United States government program that uses time travel to solve geopolitical problems, especially those involving the Cold War with the Russians. In the first book, The Time Traders, we met Ross Murdock, a criminal who avoided his sentence by signing on with the Time Traders and discovering the source of the Russians’ new powers. In the second book, Galactic Derelict, we met Travis Fox, an Apache who joined the Time Traders and was sent to recover an alien spaceship.

In this third book, the United States has tossed all ethics out the window and decided that the end justifies the means. They’ve used a process called Redax on Travis Fox and some other unknowing Apache volunteers which causes them to forget their modern selves and embrace their inner Apache. The govern... Read More

Key Out of Time: A redundant but appealing adventure

Key Out of Time by Andre Norton

Key Out of Time is the fourth book in Andre Norton’s TIME TRADERS series. Ross Murdock is once again the hero (he was not present in the previous book). This time he’s on the planet Hawaika which is being settled by the United States. Ross is accompanied by Gordon Ashe and, because this planet has a lot of ocean, Karara, a Polynesian girl who has telepathic dolphin companions.

When Hawaika turns out to be different from what they expected, Ross, Ashe and Karara begin to investigate. What happened to the people who used to live there? Could the enigmatic aliens they call the “Baldies” have anything to do with their disappearance? The trio decides to go back in time to learn about the planet’s history, but when the time gate is destroyed in a storm, they end up in the past with no way to get back. There they get split up, have separate adventures, get caught in the middle of a war b... Read More

The Beast Master: A science fiction western

The Beast Master by Andre Norton

I first found Andre Norton on the shelves of my elementary school library in fourth grade. I have no idea which of her novels was the first one I read. I just know whichever one it was, it was far from the last. One after the other, bound only by whatever limit our library put on me, I read all I could find on the shelves. And then I read them again. And then again. By the time I left that school in sixth grade, if you picked up one of her books and looked at the sign-out card (yes kids, once upon a time, library books had cards in the front where you’d print and sign your name and then the library would keep the card until you returned the book) you’d see my name running its length — four, five, six times per card, sometimes with no other names intervening — just my name, then my name again dated a few months later, then my name again after yet another few months. Card after card, book after book: a multi-yea... Read More

Storm Over Warlock: Exciting YA SF

Storm Over Warlock by Andre Norton

Shan Lantee considers himself very lucky to be part of the Terran survey team on the planet Warlock. It’s too bad that nobody pays any attention to him. He’s the youngest and most inexperienced member of the team, so he has to do all the bad jobs that nobody else wants to do, like chasing and rounding up the wolverine scouts every time they escape.

That’s what he was doing when the alien spaceship swooped down and destroyed everyone else in the camp and that’s why Shan is the only human left on a hostile planet. He’s got no weapons and no supplies, just the two wolverines who he hopes to befriend. They’re not alone for long, though, because a man that Shan idolizes shows up to find out what happened on Warlock, and the insectoid alien Throgs arrive to claim the planet for their own. Thus begins a dangerous adventure that will require Shan to learn a lot about Warlock and a lot about himself, too.... Read More

The Sioux Spaceman: Beware the Horsemen of the Stars

The Sioux Spaceman by Andre Norton

Tantor Media has published an audio version of Baen’s The Game of Stars and Comets (2009), an omnibus that contains these four novels by Andre Norton: The Sioux Spaceman (1960), Eye of the Monster (1962), The X Factor (1965), and Voorloper (1980). Each of these short novels stands alone but they are all set in Norton's Council/Confederation universe. I’m going to review them separately, because that’s what we like to do here, but it’s wonderful that they’re now available in cost-effective omnibus editions in print and audio formats.

In The Sioux Spaceman we meet Kade Whitehawk, a young man of Native American (Lakota) descent ... Read More

Eye of the Monster: Colonized crocs get revenge

Eye of the Monster by Andre Norton

Tantor Media has published an audio version of Baen’s The Game of Stars and Comets (2009), an omnibus that contains these four novels by Andre Norton: The Sioux Spaceman (1960), Eye of the Monster (1962), The X Factor (1965), and Voorloper (1980). Each of these short novels stands alone and they are all set in Norton's Council/Confederation universe. I’m reviewing them separately, because that’s what we like to do here, but it’s wonderful that they’re now available in these cost-effective omnibus editions.

Like The Sioux Spaceman Read More

The X Factor: An outsider makes friends on a cold planet

The X Factor by Andre Norton

The X Factor (1965) is the third short novel contained in The Game of Stars and Comets (2009), Baen’s omnibus of Norton stories that also contains The Sioux Spaceman (1960), Eye of the Monster (1962), and Voorloper (1980). Tantor Media has recently published an audio version of the omnibus, but I’m reviewing the books separately because that’s the way they were originally published. I love that Baen and Tantor have reprinted these old novels for new readers in these formats.

Diskan Fentress thinks of himself as a br... Read More

Voorloper: A few humans try to make peace with a hostile planet

Voorloper by Andre Norton

Voorloper (1980) is the last novel collected in The Game of Stars and Comets (2009), Baen’s omnibus of Andre Norton stories. I’ve been reviewing the books individually (because they were originally released as separate novels), but it’s cost-effective and convenient to purchase them in the omnibus edition. Specifically, I’m reviewing Tantor Media’s new audio version of the omnibus, which is excellently narrated by L.J. Ganser.

The first three books in this omnibus are The Sioux Spaceman (1960), Read More

Catseye: Another otherworldly adventure by Andre Norton

Catseye by Andre Norton

Andre Norton’s novels are always a good option when you’re in the mood for an exciting, fast-paced, imaginative, and family-friendly adventure story. This one stars Troy Horan, a young man who lives hand-to-mouth in a ghetto called The Dipple on the luxury planet of Korwar. He’s a refugee from his home planet of Norden which has now been commandeered as a military outpost. Back home, his family were herders and his father, at least, seemed to have some sort of empathetic bond with the animals he cared for. Troy, being young when he was on Norden, isn’t quite certain about the nature of that bond.

When Troy gets an unexpected job offer from the owner of an exotic pet emporium, Troy realizes that his heritage may be an advantage. On his first day of work, Troy indeed feels an effortless rapport with the animals he... Read More

Witch World: Nice blend of science fiction and fantasy

Witch World (on audio) by Andre Norton

Simon Tregarth knows he’s about to die — he’s being hunted down by a professional assassin and he has a “feeling” that it’s going to happen tonight. But then the infamous Doctor Petronius interrupts Simon as he’s savoring his last meal and offers him an escape. Dr. Petronius’s services don’t come cheap, but this expense is a no-brainer (after all, you can’t take it with you). The only downside is that neither Simon nor Dr. Petronius knows where Simon is actually going, for he will sit on King Arthur’s Siege Perilous and be sent to a world where his soul is at home…

Andre Norton (her real name was Alice, but she chose to write SFF under a male pseudonym back in the 60s) is often called the Grande Dame of Science Fiction and Fantasy and was the first woman to receive the Gandalf Grand Master Award from the World Science Fiction Society. I’ve been meaning to read Read More

Web of the Witch World: Quick fun read + SFF history lesson

Web of the Witch World by Andre Norton

Web of the Witch World continues the story of Simon Tregarth, the modern man who escaped assassination by coming through a gate into the Witch World, and Jaelithe, a witch of Estcarp, as they fight the strange enemy who are invading their land. At the end of the previous novel, the Kolder, who are from a technologically advanced planet, had been defeated by the witchery of Jaelithe and her sisters (and it seems that Simon has some powers, too). Jaelithe gave Simon her name, thus showing her trust in (and love for) him, and Loyse and Koris declared love for each other.

But in Web of the Witch World the sappy stuff abruptly ends when Duke Yvian, formally betrothed to Loyse, kidnaps her because he needs to marry her to seal his claim to power in Karsten. This sets off another fast-paced science fantasy adventure in which everything is not as it... Read More

Year of the Unicorn: Strong introspective heroine

Year of the Unicorn by Andre Norton

Year of the Unicorn, third in Andre Norton’s Witch World saga, is a departure from the first two novels. It’s the story of Gillan, a girl with no family and an unknown heritage who has grown up in an abbey in High Hallack, far from the places we visited with Simon and Jaelithe in the first two Witch World novels. Gillan feels stifled in the abbey and longs for something more. She also feels the stirrings of a strange power within her. She finds a way to escape her meaningless life by volunteering to be one of the 13 maidens that High Hallack has promised to a group of shapeshifters who helped them win a war. This leads her on a terrifying adventure in which she discovers her power and, possibly, love.

Year of the Unicorn has a completely different feel from th... Read More

Night of Masks: A simple story on an infrared planet

Night of Masks by Andre Norton

Nik Colherne lives in the Dipple, a planet-side slum that serves as the opening setting for a few of Andre Norton’s novels. Nik survived a fiery crash that left him orphaned and with a disfigured face that others find abhorrent. Rejected and friendless, Nik is targeted by the Thieves’ Guild who promise him a new (and handsome) face if he’ll impersonate the hero of a young boy that they are trying to find. The boy, Vandy, is the son of a powerful warlord and the thinking is that if Nik poses as the boy’s hero, Vandy will trust him enough to come along with him. Nik is a little suspicious of the mission, but the guild makes everything sound legit, and cooperation is Nik’s only hope for a new face and a new life.

When Nik eventually finds the boy, the two of them end up imprisoned on a planet with a sun that emits only inf... Read More

Judgment on Janus: A good introduction to classic SF for an MG or YA audience

Judgment on Janus by Andre Norton

Naill Renfro lives in The Dipple, a ghetto on the pleasure planet of Korwar (same setting as in Catseye). He and his mother arrived there years ago as refugees when their home was destroyed by a space war. Now his mother is dying and she’s in a lot of pain and anguish. To purchase a final gift and a peaceful death for his mother, Naill sells himself into indentured servitude on a frontier planet called Janus.

When Naill arrives on Janus, he is put to work in the fields where the citizens seem to be battling the forest. They are chopping down trees as fast as they can.

Naill and the other servants are warned not to touch any artifacts they find as they work. These items are called “treasures” and they’re destroyed as soon as they’re found because they’re cursed. According to the overse... Read More

Victory on Janus: A weak ending

Victory on Janus by Andre Norton

Victory on Janus (1966) is the sequel to Andre Norton’s Judgment on Janus (1963). The two novels make up the JANUS duology (Baen, 2002) which has recently been published by Tantor Media as an audiobook (2021). Gabriel Vaughan, the narrator, gives an excellent performance.

In Judgment on Janus, we met Naill Renfro, who was an indentured servant on the frontier planet of Janus. After touching a forbidden “treasure,” he turned into one of the green-skinned people who used to live and thrive on Janus. This ancient race no longer exists, it seems, but humans who find the treasures become changelings who, like Naill, are equipped with some helpful ... Read More

Moon of Three Rings: A promising start to the MOONSINGER saga

Moon of Three Rings by Andre Norton

Krip Vorlund, an assistant cargo master on a trade ship, is visiting a beast show with some of his crewmates on a frontier planet called Yiktor. There he meets a woman named Maelen who takes care of the little furry creatures that perform in the show. It’s obvious that she controls them, yet they seem more like children than slaves. In fact, when a messenger arrives and tells her that a man is abusing a creature somewhere in the town, she gets angry and goes to intervene.

Krip, concerned about the beautiful young woman’s safety, accompanies Maelen and promptly gets in trouble when he uses an illegal weapon to protect her. Then he finds out that he had actually been unknowingly lured to the beast show by a political faction on Yiktor that wants to get their hands on his off-world weapons. They were forcing Maelen to entice Krip, threatening to out her as a moonsinger if she doesn’t comply. ... Read More

Exiles of the Stars: Krip and Maelen meet some body snatchers

Exiles of the Stars by Andre Norton

Exiles of the Stars (1971) is the second novel in Andre Norton’s MOONSINGER or MOON MAGIC series and a direct sequel to the first book, Moon of Three Rings (1966). These two novels have been combined into an omnibus edition called Moonsinger which was published in print in 2013 by Baen books and in audio format this year by Tantor Audio. The narrators of the audio edition, Chris Abernathy and Chelsea Stephens, are well-cast. They give an excellent performance. I recommend this edition but, in whatever format you read them, make sure to read Moon of Three Rings first. There will be some spoilers for that novel in this review.
... Read More

Flight in Yiktor: Introduces a compelling new protagonist

Flight in Yiktor by Andre Norton

Flight in Yiktor (1986) is the third novel in Andre Norton’s MOONSINGER series. It’s bundled with the fourth novel, Dare to Go A-Hunting, in an omnibus edition titled Moonsinger’s Quest which was published by Baen in 2013 and, in audio format, by Tantor Media in 2021. It’s not necessary to read the first two novels, Moon of Three Rings and Exiles of the Stars, which you can find in the Moonsinger omnibus, also published by Baen and Tantor, but it would be helpful. I’m enjoying Tantor’s audiobook editi... Read More

Dare to Go A-Hunting: You can safely skip it

Dare to Go A-Hunting by Andre Norton

The final novel in Andre Norton’s MOONSINGER series is Dare to Go A-Hunting (1989), which is packaged with the previous novel, Flight in Yiktor, in the Baen omnibus edition called Moonsinger’s Quest (2013). I’ve been listening to the excellent audiobook editions narrated by Chris Abernathy and published in 2021 by Tantor Media. Dare to Go A-Hunting is a direct sequel to Flight in Yiktor, so you’ll want to read it first (there will be some spoilers for that novel in this review).

At the end of Flight in Yiktor, Farree learned that he (and here’s the spoiler fo... Read More

Dark Piper: Intense and memorable for young readers

Dark Piper by Andre Norton

A decade-long war is finally over and the people who live on the planet of Beltane are relieved. During the war, Beltane, where many scientists lived, was recruited for the war effort and served, unwillingly, as an experimental lab. After the war, most of the scientists left the planet, creating a brain drain, and the people who remained were pacifists who looked forward to starting a new way of life without interference from the Confederation.

When a disfigured veteran named Griss Lugard is brought back home to Beltane, he warns the citizens that because the Confederacy has fallen, there is no law, and they shouldn’t trust people who want to come to Beltane because they might have bad intentions. While the citizens of Beltane are eager to accept and shelter refugees fleeing war-ravaged worlds, Lugard vehemently objects, arguing that some of the refugees could be pirates looking for government and mili... Read More

Dread Companion: Try the audio edition of this one

Dread Companion by Andre Norton

In the far future, a young woman named Kilda thinks it’s unfortunate that she was born as a woman because she’s expected to do what every woman on her planet does – get married and have children. Kilda wants to travel and learn, so she appeals to her teacher, a mixed-race handicapped person who also lacks opportunity on this world. Her teacher suggests that Kilda take a job as a governess for a woman who is going off planet with her two children. Kilda takes that advice and travels with her employer and the kids, a boy and a girl, to an Earth-like planet called Dylan.

Almost immediately Kilda realizes that her employer’s daughter, Bartare, is strange. She knows about things before others do, she doesn’t act very childlike, she doesn’t seem emotionally attached to her family, she talks as if she’s being guided by someone that Kilda can’t see, and she seems relentlessly driven to some ... Read More

Android at Arms: A prince wonders if he’s an android

Android at Arms by Andre Norton

This year Tantor Media has been producing audio editions of the Baen omnibus collections of Andre Norton’s science fiction stories. Gods and Androids (2004 in print, 2021 in audio) contains the two novels Android at Arms (1971) and Wraiths of Time (1975). I am reviewing the novels separately because that’s how they were originally released, and that’s usually been our practice here at Fantasy Literature. Each of these stories stands alone.

In the opening scene of Android at Arms, Andas Kastor comes to consciousness in some sort of automated jail cell on a harsh uninhabited planet. He has no idea how long he’s been there or how long he’s been in a state of delirium. In fa... Read More

Wraiths of time: An American grad student becomes an African princess

Wraiths of time by Andre Norton

Tallahassee (Tally) Mitford, a graduate student who studies archaeology and African history, has been asked to examine some Egyptian artifacts that appear to be very old, important, powerful, and radioactive.

When one of the relics pulls her into a parallel universe, Tally finds herself in Meroë, an ancient Nubian kingdom located on the Nile River. She is completely helpless there with no status and the inability to speak the language. She has no idea how to get back home.

When she’s rescued by some women who are the companions of the recently deceased princess Ashake, she is asked to impersonate the princess and help Queen Candace fend off the attacks of a powerful man who hopes to subjugate these women who just want to rule themselves.

Andre No... Read More

Black Trillium: Substandard

Black Trillium by Marion Zimmer Bradley, Julian May, Andre Norton

At first glance, Black Trillium looks like an interesting project: three leading female authors of speculative fiction — Marion Zimmer Bradley, Julian May and Andre Norton — writing a book together. After having read it, I don't think the result is a resounding success. It still spawned a total of four sequels written by each of the authors individually. I understand there are some continuity issues between those books, making the SAGA OF THE TRILLIUM series a strange one indeed.

Black Trillium is the story of the Kingdom of Ruwenda, a place s... Read More

Elvenbane: Norton vs. Lackey, Round 1

Elvenbane by Andre Norton & Mercedes Lackey

In the world of Elvenbane, elves have subjugated humanity because… well, they’re elves, frankly: magical and long-lived and perfectly capable of taking what they want. Apparently having served as the unselfish goodie-goodies one too many times, elves have instead been refreshingly cast as the fantasy version of the Roman Empire in this text, conquering and enslaving other races out of a sense of entitlement and a desire to expand their power. Humans are used for menial labor and sexual gratification, but any human/elf hybrid must by law be killed, as apparently these half-breeds can become very magically powerful and might do something crazy like pitying the wrong bough of the family tree. With a set-up like this, it’s really no surprise that our heroine is just such a hybrid, born of a pregnant human concubine fleeing into the desert. The young girl, called Shana, i... Read More

The Shadow of Albion: Refreshing as the spring rain

The Shadows of Albion by Andre Norton & Rosemary Edghill

I've heard others gripe that this book is basically fluff. Well, yes, it's light, but that's part of what I liked about it. I've read a lot of serious (and sometimes depressing) books lately, and this one was a much-needed cool breeze of just plain fun.

The Marchioness of Roxbury, a vain and vapid woman, is on her deathbed, having failed to fulfill a promise made to the Fair Folk. She lives in an alternate England where magic exists, though it's subtle. The only way she can keep her word is by switching places with Sarah Cunningham, her double from our world, an independent woman who was raised in the wilderness and knows her way around a musket. Sarah's memories are jumbled by magic, and now she has to figure out who she is.

She and her new husband, Wessex, get caught up in a deadly game of espionage, kidnapping, and murder. When Sarah becomes friends wit... Read More

Leopard in Exile: Zzzzzzz….

Leopard in Exile by Andre Norton & Rosemary Edghill

Is it a bad sign that I just finished Leopard in Exile the night before last, and now I'm hard-pressed to remember much of the plot?

This book's predecessor, Shadow of Albion, was fun in a light sort of way, with the promise of sequels that would delve deeper into the faery magic at which it hints. I should have gotten my first clue about Leopard in Exile when I looked at the cover art. Thomas Canty's drawings are lovely as always, but this illustration looks like it's supposed to be a rough preliminary sketch, compared to the sublime cover of Albion. Even the typefaces are clunkier. But I tried not to judge the book by its cover.

Inside, though, I found little of interest. I had hoped that the characters, who were kind of cardboard in Albion Read More

SHORTS: Jingfang, Emrys, Plait, Norton

There is so much free or inexpensive short fiction available on the internet these days. Here are a few stories we read this week that we wanted you to know about. 

"Folding Beijing" by Hao Jingfang (translated by Ken Liu) (2015, free at Uncanny Magazine)

Hao Jingfang’s novella “Folding Beijing” stayed with me long after I finished reading it. It wasn’t just the images of her fantastic city, where buildings fold down into cubes and once a day the entire city revolves like a tossed coin. It wasn’t just the descriptions of the lives of people in Third Space, Second Space and First Space. At the core of this story is an “ordinary” man, risking his freedom and maybe his life for money, and as his motives become clearer, I grew to care more ... Read More

SHORTS: Swirsky, Vernon, Bardugo, Norton

There is so much free or inexpensive short fiction available on the internet these days. Here are a few stories we read this week that we wanted you to know about. 

“If You Were a Dinosaur, My Love” by Rachel Swirsky (2013, free at Apex Magazine)

Rachel Swirsky's “If You Were a Dinosaur, My Love” is tiny in size but remarkable in strength, a real pint-sized gem. It is no wonder the story won the 2013 Nebula short story award ― anyone who can pack such a punch into so few words knows what they are doing with them.

The story reads like a love letter. The author speculates on how it would be if her lover were a dinosaur, how she would teach him to sing and help plan his dinosaur wedding. The opening tone is perfectly tender, almost poetic, and any ... Read More

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More books by Andre Norton

Darkness and Dawn (After the Apocalypse) — (1952-1975) Publisher: Civilization had collapsed on Earth. But one young rebel fought to find the ancient knowledge that had taken men to the stars. When he found the truth, his people could regain the stars themselves — if he could survive to make them listen.

Original duology:                                        Omnibus edition:
science fiction book reviews Andre Norton Daybreak 2250 AD science fiction book reviews Andre Norton No Night Without Stars           science fiction book reviews Andre Norton No Night Without Stars Darkness and Dawn

Murdoc Jern — (1968-1969) Publisher: Murdoc Jern’s father, an interstellar gem trader, was murdered by outlaw competitors and left behind an odd ring, large enough to fit over the finger of a space suit. With his companion Eet, a strange feline mutant with phenomenal mental powers, he soon discovered that the stone in the ring was actually a Zero Stone — an alien device left behind by an ancient vanished race — and it was the key to powers beyond human imagination. Murdoc and Eet had to solve the secret of the Zero Stone, and very quickly, because very greedy and dangerous people wanted that ring, and wouldn’t hesitate at a second murder to obtain it.

science fiction book reviews Andre Norton 1. The Zero Stone 2. Uncharted Stars science fiction book reviews Andre Norton 1. The Zero Stone 2. Uncharted Stars

Star Ka’at — (1976-1979) With Dorothy Madlee. Publisher: Two intriguing stray cats communicate with Jim and Elly Mae, convincing them that the cats are aliens from another planet.

science fiction book reviews Andre Norton 1. Star Ka'at 2. Star Ka'at World 3. Star Ka'Ats and the Plant People 4. Star Ka'Ats and the Winged Warriorsscience fiction book reviews Andre Norton 1. Star Ka'at 2. Star Ka'at World 3. Star Ka'Ats and the Plant People 4. Star Ka'Ats and the Winged Warriorsscience fiction book reviews Andre Norton 1. Star Ka'at 2. Star Ka'at World 3. Star Ka'Ats and the Plant People 4. Star Ka'Ats and the Winged Warriorsscience fiction book reviews Andre Norton 1. Star Ka'at 2. Star Ka'at World 3. Star Ka'Ats and the Plant People 4. Star Ka'Ats and the Winged Warriors

The Cycle of Oak, Yew, Ash, and Rowan — (2000-2008) With Sasha Miller. Publisher: Oak, Yew, Ash, and Rowan: the four powers of the world, all once great and mighty, now yielding to the effects of centuries of war. A King of Oak and a Queen of Yew sit on the thrones of the land — the King is a drunken lout, the Queen a magical schemer. Ash and Rowan are nearly dead, their totem trees in the sacred square withering away to nothing. Allis falling into place for the power-hungry Queen Ysa, who will stop at nothing to ensure the continuation of her line. Only one thing may stand in her way: a long-ago prophesy that Daughter of Ash will one day rise again to reclaim her rightful place on the throne. But deep in the swamps, in the care of the witch-healer all need and all fear, there is a young girl-woman who can not be the witch’s daughter; a girl who by virtue of her beauty and elegance, and simmering power, can only be a Daughter of Ash, the one who will rise to fulfill the prophecy — and the destiny of her birthright.

Andre Norton To the King a Daughter, Knight or Knave, A Crown Disowned, Dragon Blade, The Knight of the Red BeardAndre Norton To the King a Daughter, Knight or Knave, A Crown Disowned, Dragon Blade, The Knight of the Red BeardAndre Norton To the King a Daughter, Knight or Knave, A Crown Disowned, Dragon Blade, The Knight of the Red BeardAndre Norton To the King a Daughter, Knight or Knave, A Crown Disowned, Dragon Blade, The Knight of the Red BeardAndre Norton To the King a Daughter, Knight or Knave, A Crown Disowned, Dragon Blade, The Knight of the Red Beard

Stand-alone novels:

fantasy book review Andre Norton The Prince CommandsThe Prince Commands — (1934) Publisher: Michael Karl’s dreams for the future do not include becoming the monarch of an obscure Ruritanian kingdom but he soon discovers he has no say in the matter. He, the result of a misalliance between a Morvanian Prince and an American girl, is now the sole heir to the throne. However not all of his future subjects are welcoming. On his way to his capital Michael Karl is captured and threatened by a rebel leader known as the Werewolf, apparently because he is one! Escaping Michael lands on the doorstep of an American Journalist in the guise of a distressed fellow citizen resolutely concealing his royal identity. All Michael wants is to go home to America but even incognito he can’t help but get caught up in the political turmoil of his ancestral land and begins to wonder if maybe the Werewolf doesn’t have a point after all.fantasy book review Andre Norton Ralestone Luck

Ralestone Luck — (1938) Publisher: Rupert Ralestone is officially the Marquess of Lorne — but with no family money or prestige, the title is worthless. He and his younger brother and sister return to the old family homestead — Pirate’s Haven. Their only hope is to find the family’s talisman, a great sword, and restore it to its proper place.

fantasy book review Andre Norton Huon of the HornHuon of the Horn — (1951) Kirkus: A tale of that Duke of Bordeaux who came to sorrow at the hands of Charlemagne & yet won the favor of Oberon, the elf king, to his lasting fame & great glory.” This is a later addition to the Charlemagne cycle last translated into English by Sir John Bourchier (Lord Berners) as “Boke of Duke Huon de Burdeux” in 1534 & adapted by Andre Norton in 1951. “An unusual tho circumscribed item, this translation of the 1534 English version of the romance of Huon of Bordeaux, included in the cycle of the Charlemagne Saga. With relaxed sentence structure which nevertheless retains some of the archaic flavor of the Lord Berners translation, the several legends of the hero who became a friend of the King of the Fariries & later ruler of Fairyland is told in brief episodes. Actually, in spite of a profusion of serpents, elves & magic props, the incidents don’t have the universal appeal of some of the Arthur legends, for example, or the Roland tales. Huon’s struggles against the Saracens, his meetings with Oberon, his many battles lack a vigor in the telling, a lustre of vivid characterization, which may have been lost in the original translation. However, as a curiosity & as a supplement to the study of legend, this undoubtedly has value, although a weak competitor to other tales of knightly adventure.

Andre Norton Sea Siege, Star Gate, Secrets of the Lost Race, Star HunterSecret of the Lost Race — (1959) Also published as Wolfshead. Publisher: Galactic trap for a star wolf’s cub. The Constellation of the Wolf was an area of the galaxy few spacemen wanted to visit, for its sparse worlds were home only to the outcasts of the civilized worlds. But now it had been learned that there was one among its runaway refugees who was more than just a misfit — one who was a definite danger to all humanity. The hunt was on for the desperate young man called Joktar — for if he was what they said he was, he could contaminate the universe!Andre Norton Sea Siege, Star Gate, Secrets of the Lost Race, Star Hunter

Star Hunter — (1961) Publisher: On the jungle world of Jumala, a wanted man is in hiding — a man whose mind has been imprinted with the brain pattern of another. As a deadly game of hide-and-seek begins to unwind, a man who does not know his own powers faces an interstellar safari determined to run him to ground — dead or alive!

Andre Norton Operation Time Search, Ice Crown, High Sorcery, Breed to ComeOperation Time Search — (1967) Publisher: Snooping around a top-secret government installation, photographer Ray Osborne stumbled across an experimental time field. Suddenly the familiar Ohio landscape disappeared and Ray found himself transported to a prehistoric world where the dread priest of Atlantis waged a war against the Sun-born of Mu. So while the scientist of the Twentieth Century worked desperately to draw him back to the present, Ray Osborne was recruited by the people of Mu to win a war that could change the course of history, and trap him in the past forever!Andre Norton Operation Time Search, Ice Crown, High Sorcery, Breed to Come

Ice Crown — (1970) Publisher: A young girl accompanies an expedition to a planet settled centuries before by colonists who were left there to develop as best they could after their minds were cleared of all previous memories. Keli and Roane search for a legendary treasure that could destroy the powers-that-be on the planet Clio and free Clio’s people,  who have been implanted with false memories and conditioned to obey.

Andre Norton Operation Time Search, Ice Crown, High Sorcery, Breed to ComeHigh Sorcery — (1970) Publisher: Warlocks of other worlds — or scientists of times unknown? Craike, a man hunted in two worlds… Miss Rutheven, whose needles pointed to secret kingdoms… Dagmar, with the fatal fascination of Helen of Troy… Ully, whose music touched the powers before mankind… Tamisan, the sorceress who found herself the victim of her toys… These and others like them, inhabit Andre Norton’s world of HIGH SORCERY, where the primeval desires and fears of man — his loving and loathing — are merged with his dreams of future knowledge and technological power. Those who have enjoyed the alchemy of Norton’s other mind-bending tales should enjoy these! Few authors have achieved such renown as World Fantasy Life Achievement honoree and Grand Master by the Science Fiction Writers of America, Andre Norton. With the love of readers and the praise of critics, Norton’s books have sold millions of copies worldwide.

Andre Norton Operation Time Search, Ice Crown, High Sorcery, Breed to ComeBreed to Come — (1972) Publisher: CATS TAKE OVER THE WORLD! When desperate measures failed to control what men had begun and could not stop, they fled their polluted planet, leaving behind an epidemic virus born of experimentation. Yet unlike men, whom the disease could destroy, the animals of the planet thrived. Each generation was more forceful and intelligent than the last. In the ruins of what was once a university complex, a vast band of cats, more highly evolved than those on the outside, sought to master the works of men. And they learned that the demons (as men were called) were not legendary but real. Then one day a spaceship landed…

Andre Norton Operation Time Search, Ice Crown, High Sorcery, Breed to ComeGaran the Eternal — (1972) Publisher: In our world, he was Garin, jet pilot and explorer. In the lost land of Tav, he was Garan who would supply the link with their most ancient past. And in a world far distant in space and time, he was Garan of Yu-Lac, who would stand alone between a planet’s doom and the ones he loved. Garan the Eternal is a web of wonders woven by a master writer. It is the story of three lives tied by a recurrent destiny — that of Kepta the Ambitious, of Thrala the Divine, and of Garan himself, man of three worlds. Here is a never-before-published novel by the author of the Witch Worlds series — a new adventure in science fiction and fantasy sure to please Andre Norton’s legion of readers.fantasy book review Andre Norton Here Abide Monsters

Here Abide Monsters — (1973) Publisher: Taking an abandoned road, two teenagers are transported back in time to Avalon of Arthurian legend where they are embroiled in a battle between good and evil. Nick Shaw and Linda Durant pass through a door to another realm, into a world where their nightmares are real and deadly. They band together with an English group, some of whom have been on the planet since before the turn of the century…

fantasy book review Andre Norton OutsideOutside — (1974) Ages 9-12.  Publisher: A young girl determines to find out what is “outside” the sealed off city in which she’s always lived but discovers that the only way she can get out is with the help of a mysterious rhyming man.

Andre Norton The Iron Cage, Perilous Dreams, The Opal-Eyed Fan, Yurth BurdenThe Iron Cage — (1974) Publisher: A classic tale from science fiction and fantasy’s leading lady. Jony, a prisoner of an alien race, comes to live with a gentle tribe of intelligent animals and discovers camaraderie and love… until a spaceship of humans shatters their peaceful lives. Now it’s up to Jony to defend his protectors from his own race.

Andre Norton The Iron Cage, Perilous Dreams, The Opal-Eyed Fan, Yurth BurdenThe Book of Andre Norton — (1974) Also published as The Many Worlds of Andre Norton. Publisher: How many millions of books by Andre Norton have been sold and read with pleasure by science fiction readers is beyond anyone’s guess. For quite without fanfare Andre Norton has become the favorite author in the pantheon of science fantasy writers. Norton’s novels of time travel, of interstellar trade, of other dimensions, and of the fabulous Witch World, are constantly in print and always in demand — and so it with pride that this new book brings to the sf public Norton’s rarest gems: novelettes and short stories unavailable elsewhere that comprise between themselves the whole strata of Norton’s marvel cosmos. “The Book of Andre Norton” Contains, among others, “The Toads of Grimmerdale”, “Long Live Lord Kor!”, and five more classics, as well as special articles about and by Andre Norton and a complete bibliography.fantasy book review Andre Norton Merlin's Mirror

Merlin’s Mirror — (1975) Few authors have achieved such renown as World Fantasy Life Achievement honoree and Grand Master by the Science Fiction Writers of America, Andre Norton. With the love of readers and the praise of critics, Norton’s books have sold millions of copies worldwide. In this great science fiction novel, Andre Norton brings to new life the legendary King Arthur and the wizard Merlin in the light of modern knowledge of a lost period of history and today’s understanding of science and interplanetary communication. Yet, as in all Norton’s wonder novels, this is a fabulous adventure in fantasy. Here is Merlin, half star-born, gifted with the advice of an alien intelligence, given the task of renewing civilization and starting humanity again up the ladder to the stars. Here is Arthur, unaware of his stellar heritage. And here too, is the Lady of the Lake, akin to Merlin in that she is also a listener to the music of the spheres and obedient to a celestial command post.

fantasy book review Andre Norton Knave of DreamsKnave of Dreams — (1975) Publisher: Ramsay Kimble finds himself living in an alien world, the focus of a complex and dangerous political struggle, and only his ability to dream can help him triumph over his adversaries.

Andre Norton The Iron Cage, Perilous Dreams, The Opal-Eyed Fan, Yurth BurdenPerilous Dreams — (1976) Publisher: This collection of four connected tales contains the previously published “Toys of Tamisan” (1969), plus three original stories: “Ship of Mist,” “Get Out of My Dream” and “Nightmare.” Would you like to dream high adventure — and have the dream become reality? This is the novel of one who did. She was Tamisen the Dreamer — trained to explore other worlds through her genetic ability to transfer herself through dream to actualities. To a dreamer of all worlds, all items were open. Here is Andre Norton’s imaginative best, taking Tamisen through a series of worlds as real as her own towards an ultimate destiny none could suspect.

Andre Norton The Iron Cage, Perilous Dreams, The Opal-Eyed Fan, Yurth BurdenThe Opal-Eyed Fan — (1977) Publisher: Furies Unleashed. Was it a random storm or destiny’s mischief that shipwrecked lovely Persis Rooke on Lost Lady Key? Persis couldn’t be sure. Rescued by the handsome Captain Crewe Leverett and marooned on the darkly mysterious island with his strange sister and her beau, she was aware only of the oppressive superstitions of the natives who feared a strange curse — the curse of the opal-eyed fan. Somehow she knew she had to learn the unspoken secret of the island and the truth about the fabulous Spanish lady who, years before, had left the infamous Satin-shirt Jack dead and then disappeared forever. But Persis was not aware of the evil that awaited her, nor of the romance that would endanger her until it was too late….

Andre Norton The Iron Cage, Perilous Dreams, The Opal-Eyed Fan, Yurth BurdenYurth Burden — (1978) Publisher: The world of Zacar was wracked with storms and life there was hard. Yet tow races shared it with no love between them. The Raski were the first people, the Yurth the late comers. This is the story of Elossa, the Yurth girl who followed the Call that every Yurth sensitive must follow when the time came. And this is the story of Stans, the Raski, who had to achieve manhood by blood rite against the hated Yurth. This is a novel of a world where ancient injustice had been done and never righted, where brooding evil and age-old vengeance awaited peace-makers — and of two who brought this terror down upon their own heads.fantasy book review Andre Norton Seven Spells to Sunday

Seven Spells to Sunday — (1979) Publisher: With Phyllis Miller. Ages 9-12. Magic, Wishes and Strange Adventure for unhappy Monnie Fitts and timid Bim Ross — two foster children who live the the Johnsons — finding an old, faded purple mailbox in a vacant lot was to be their secret. The seven mysterious stars painted on the door made it even more important — and strange. Once they wrote their names on it, life would be different for them. Each day, as Monnie and Bim visit the mailbox, unusual gifts and notes appear — a broom, a wand, a light — even a voo-don’t doll: in all, six magical wonders that plunge them deep into a week of unexplained happenings. Not until the seventh suspenseful day do they know where the powerful spells will lead them. Frightened, but brave, the two children enter a supernatural world to find answers only they can understand.

Andre Norton Moon CalledMoon Called — (1982) Publisher: In order to preserve the Holy Force, Thora, the Chosen one, and warrior Makil, the Man of Pure Light, descend into an underground world to battle the evil force of the Dark Lord.

Andre Norton Wheel of StarsWheel of Stars — (1983) Publisher: She can see, but she cannot forestall… Gwennan Daggert, caught in an underworld of eternity, of hellish nightmares and beautiful dreams, of time and no time, must now fulfill the destiny she can no longer deny. Tor Lyle, a mysterious man of an ancient family, is a force of evil in an unbreakable cycle of doom. They descend from the here and now into a struggle between good and evil older than Earth. Against an apocalyptic dream of disaster and a battle to save those who will inherit the earth, these two forces must solve the mysteries of the stars and of eternal fate. Deep within them, they hold the keys that unlock the future, but they must first break the chain of terror and destruction.

Andre Norton House of ShadowsHouse of Shadows — (1984) Publisher: With Phyllis Miller. Mike and Susan feel a mounting sense of urgency and terror as they try to protect their younger brother who seems threatened by an invisible and powerful force in a house that has long been in their family, on which there is supposedly a curse.

Andre Norton Ride the Green DragonRide the Green Dragon — (1985) Publisher: With Phyllis Miller. Ages 9-12. When Tracy and Jared’s family moves into an old house designed like a castle, they find a former circus giant, the granddaughter of a gypsy fortuneteller, and the mystery of a missing fortune.

fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviewsMoon Mirror — (1988) Publisher: More than almost any other writer, Andre Norton knows how to thrill and delight her readers. In this collection, the “superb storyteller with a narrative pace all her own” (New York Times) does it again.

Andre Norton Imperial Lady: A Fantasy of Han ChinaImperial Lady: A Fantasy of Han China — (1989) Publisher: With Susan Shwartz. With Imperial Lady, based on the life of a real historical princess of the Han dynasty and mixed with Chinese legendry andry, Andre Norton (a Grand Master of Fantasy) joins with Susan Shwartz to create a stirring, romantic, and unforgettable tale.

Mark of the Cat / The Year of the Rat science fiction book reviews Andre NortonThe Mark of the Cat — (1992) Publisher: In Mark of the Cat, multiple award-winning Andre Norton presents a novel of magic and adventure — the unforgettable story of a boy’s journey of discovery, from trial to triumph. Hynkkel, commanded by his father to travel into the unknown in a test of survival, starts out with almost nothing, but the red-gold sandcat pendent worn around his neck as a reminder of his killed cat. His trek will bring him to a cave where he will enter the secret world of the cat… to a trial that will mark his destiny. In Year of the Rat, Andre’s never before published sequel to Mark of the Cat, we find the natural water sources of the five queendoms of the Outer Region drying up. Hynkkel, not fully recovered from his previous trials, must now find a way to stop this loss and recover the missing water. For in a desert climate, water is the key of life. To do so he must first find out who, or what, is causing the water loss and where it is going. When he and Murri, his sandcat, set out on their journey they make another, even more startling, discovery. A being of ancient evil has returned and along with it has brought the desert rats, hoards and hoards of deadly desert rats, bent on one thing-to destroy the queendoms one by one. Can Hynkkel both find the missing water and stop the rats before all succumb to The Year of the Rat?

Andre Norton Empire of the EagleEmpire of the Eagle — (1993) With Susan Shwartz. Publisher: The tribune Quintus was once a man of honor. But when Rome’s might is crushed at the battle of Carrhae, Quintus can only watch with honor and hope gone as Rome’s Eagles — the golden standards which every Roman believes houses the very essence of the gods — are dragged through the mud by the barbarian hordes. The Eagles will go East as bloody testimony to Rome’s humiliation. But even in Hell, there sometimes lies a path of redemption. Quintus will follow the Eagles, and strive to somehow recapture the honor that Rome has lost. He will abandon the logic that is Rome… and travel into the mists of myth and legend, where he will see visions of magic unknown to any Roman. And where he will learn to use barbarian magic to win back Rome’s gods.

Andre Norton The Monster's LegacyThe Monster’s Legacy — (1996) Publisher: In this exciting new fantasy novel by a Grand Master of Science Fiction, Sarita is in the last year of apprencticeship to the Embroider Dame Arglas. When the Countess Wanda’s infant is left in her care, Sarita flees with the child to the forest where she befriends one of the Earl’s huntsmen. Together the three hide in the mountains until they can defend the Earl’s kingdom and bring peace to the land.

Andre Norton Three Hands for ScorpioThree Hands for Scorpio — (2005) Publisher: Andre Norton, the celebrated author of Witch World and many other fantasy adventures, offers a new novel unique among her works, set in a realm not dissimilar to northern England in the sixteenth century: also, the Dismals of Northern Alabama are the model for part of the exotic setting. Drucilla, Sabina, and Tamara, identical sisters born to Desmond, Earl of Skorpys, understand the price of being princesses in a realm bordered by fractious neighbors. For generations their land has been plagued by incursions, raiding parties, and more serious conflicts with Gurlyon, the land to their North. But when these three plucky young ladies are kidnapped as part of a plot to undermine their father’s domain, they are taken to a mysterious realm where they experience terrors unlike anything they could imagine. Their captors, fearing pursuit, thrust the princesses into a deep recess in a bizarre underworld called the Dismals. Once there, they must fend off hideous creatures, and a young man who claims to be lord of this dark, forbidding realm. Not sure whether he is friend or foe, they must depend on their wits, on each other, and on the mind-link that binds them together. Only thus can they escape the bizarre nether-realm they must roam in search of a way home. Their travails test them in ways they cannot foresee, both physically and magically. Powerful forces work against them, but together they may yet escape, and help right the wrong that brought them to the strange realm in the first place.

By Andre Norton and Jean Rabe

These are series which were begun by Andre Norton and finished by Jean Rabe.


The Magic Sequence — (1965-2008)  Begun by Andre Norton and finished by Jean Rabe. Publisher: Ages 9-12. Publisher: A final stand for Avalon… Sara, Greg, and Eric Lowry are exploring the woods near their uncle’s Hudson Valley estate when they are magically transported to the land of Avalon. There they meet Huon, Warden of the West. When he tells them that the forces of darkness have stolen the three talismans that protect Avalon — King Arthur’s sword, Excalibur; Merlin’s ring; and Huon’s horn — the children set off on a quest to find the three tokens of power. For Avalon stands as a wall between the Dark and the mortal world. And if Avalon falls, so does Earth…

Steel Magic, Octagon Magic, Fur Magic, Dragon Magic, Lavender Green Magick, Red Heart Magic, Dragon MageSteel Magic, Octagon Magic, Fur Magic, Dragon Magic, Lavender Green Magick, Red Heart Magic, Dragon MageSteel Magic, Octagon Magic, Fur Magic, Dragon Magic, Lavender Green Magick, Red Heart Magic, Dragon MageSteel Magic, Octagon Magic, Fur Magic, Dragon Magic, Lavender Green Magick, Red Heart Magic, Dragon MageSteel Magic, Octagon Magic, Fur Magic, Dragon Magic, Lavender Green Magick, Red Heart Magic, Dragon MageSteel Magic, Octagon Magic, Fur Magic, Dragon Magic, Lavender Green Magick, Red Heart Magic, Dragon Magefantasy and science fiction book reviews

Quag Keep — (1979-2005) Begun by Andre Norton and finished by Jean Rabe. Publisher: In 1976 Andre Norton was invited to play a new sort of adventure game,Dungeons & Dragons. Its creator, Gary Gygax, introduced Norton to his world of Greyhawk. After a session of world building, role playing, and fantasy adventuring, Norton wrote Quag Keep, a tale of six adventurers from our world who journey to the city of Greyhawk in order to aid a wizard and unlock the secrets of the stronghold of Quag Keep.

Andre Norton Quag Keep, Return to Quag KeepAndre Norton Quag Keep, Return to Quag Keepfantasy and science fiction book reviews

Five Senses — (1994-2006) Begun by Andre Norton and finished by Jean Rabe. Publisher: Once the garden of the Goddess Lyr, the land called the Ryft lies blackened and desolate, destroyed by true evil. It is here that the child Alnosha came to learn of her ability to divine by touch. Now, the fugitive Kryn has come to Ryft, and although he mistrusts Alnosha’s powers, he is drawn to her — for he has been chosen to serve as her sword and champion.

Andre Norton Five Senses 1. The Hands of Lyr 2. The Mirror of Destiny 3. The Scent of Magic 4. The Wind in the Stone 5. A Taste of MagicAndre Norton Five Senses 1. The Hands of Lyr 2. The Mirror of Destiny 3. The Scent of Magic 4. The Wind in the Stone 5. A Taste of MagicAndre Norton Five Senses 1. The Hands of Lyr 2. The Mirror of Destiny 3. The Scent of Magic 4. The Wind in the Stone 5. A Taste of MagicAndre Norton Five Senses 1. The Hands of Lyr 2. The Mirror of Destiny 3. The Scent of Magic 4. The Wind in the Stone 5. A Taste of MagicAndre Norton Five Senses 1. The Hands of Lyr 2. The Mirror of Destiny 3. The Scent of Magic 4. The Wind in the Stone 5. A Taste of Magic

By Robert Bloch and Andre Norton

Andre Norton Robert Bloch The Jekyll Legacy

The Jekyll Legacy — (1990) Robert Bloch and Andre Norton. Publisher: After arriving in England to claim her inheritance, Hester Jekyll, niece of Dr. Henry Jekyll, discovers she gets nothing, and suddenly her friends are untrustworthy and aloof. Hester becomes entangled in her uncle’s mysterious past, and a series of brutal deaths cause her to wonder if London’s seen the last of Dr. Jekyll — or Mr. Hyde.