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Rosemary Edghill

Rosemary Edghill(Born 1956)
Rosemary Edghill is a pen-name of Eluki Bes Shahar. She was born long enough ago to have seen Classic Trek on its first outing and to remember that she once thought Spock Must Die! to be great literature. Between books and short stories in every genre but the Western (several dozen so far), she’s held the usual selection of odd and part-time writer jobs, including bookstore clerk, secretary, beta tester for computer software, graphic designer, book illustrator, library clerk, and administrative assistant for a non-profit arts organization. She can truthfully state that she once killed vampires for a living, and that without any knowledge of medicine has illustrated half-a-dozen medical textbooks.

Bast: Bell, Book, and Murder

Bast: Bell, Book, and Murder by Rosemary Edghill

Speak Daggers to Her, The Book of Moons, and The Bowl of Night are some of the best fiction about modern witches I've seen yet. And the main reason why is the heroine — Bast. In Bast, Rosemary Edghill creates a delightful heroine with a deep belief in the Goddess and magic — and also with a barbed tongue that deftly skewers the politics and foibles of the Pagan community. Even if there had been no plot in these three novels, I would have kept reading just to "listen" to Bast talk. And as an added bonus, there is a plot.

Speak Daggers to Her: An old friend of Bast's dies of seemingly natural causes in her apartment. Bast discovers that her friend had gotten mixed up in a cult — could this be related?

The Book of Moons Read More

The Sword of Maiden’s Tears: Pamela Dean meets a slasher movie

The Sword of Maiden's Tears by Rosemary Edghill

I've become a bit of a Rosemary Edghill fan lately, so I opened the cover of this foray into urban fantasy with anticipation. It takes place in New York in the eighties (take note of the clothing styles for a nostalgic chuckle). Thrust into the teeming streets of New York City is elfin lord Melior — and of course, as an out-of-towner, he gets mugged almost instantly. The mugger steals his magic sword and leaves him bruised and shaken. Melior is taken in by a young grad student, Ruth, and gets to know her and her circle of friends.

This circle of friends is the best part of the book. Ruth, Philip, Jane, Naomi, and Michael are all intelligent misfits, drawn together by the feeling that they don't fit in anywhere else, and sharing a tight but often uneasy bond. The unofficial "den mother" of the bunch is Naomi; the group spends most of their time at Naomi's apartment,... Read More

The Shadow of Albion: Refreshing as the spring rain

The Shadows of Albion by Andre Norton & Rosemary Edghill

I've heard others gripe that this book is basically fluff. Well, yes, it's light, but that's part of what I liked about it. I've read a lot of serious (and sometimes depressing) books lately, and this one was a much-needed cool breeze of just plain fun.

The Marchioness of Roxbury, a vain and vapid woman, is on her deathbed, having failed to fulfill a promise made to the Fair Folk. She lives in an alternate England where magic exists, though it's subtle. The only way she can keep her word is by switching places with Sarah Cunningham, her double from our world, an independent woman who was raised in the wilderness and knows her way around a musket. Sarah's memories are jumbled by magic, and now she has to figure out who she is.

She and her new husband, Wessex, get caught up in a deadly game of espionage, kidnapping, and murder. When Sarah becomes friends wit... Read More

Leopard in Exile: Zzzzzzz….

Leopard in Exile by Andre Norton & Rosemary Edghill

Is it a bad sign that I just finished Leopard in Exile the night before last, and now I'm hard-pressed to remember much of the plot?

This book's predecessor, Shadow of Albion, was fun in a light sort of way, with the promise of sequels that would delve deeper into the faery magic at which it hints. I should have gotten my first clue about Leopard in Exile when I looked at the cover art. Thomas Canty's drawings are lovely as always, but this illustration looks like it's supposed to be a rough preliminary sketch, compared to the sublime cover of Albion. Even the typefaces are clunkier. But I tried not to judge the book by its cover.

Inside, though, I found little of interest. I had hoped that the characters, who were kind of cardboard in Albion Read More

Failure of Moonlight: A collection of Bast stories

Failure of Moonlight by Rosemary Edghill

Failure of Moonlight is a collection of three short stories, a novella, and a brief essay starring Bast, the snarky New York Wiccan protagonist of Rosemary Edghill’s BAST mystery series. All four of the fiction pieces have appeared elsewhere, but this is the first time they’ve been published together. Failure of Moonlight is only available currently as an e-book, costs about two dollars as I write this, and is well worth the price.

“Advice from a Young Witch to an Old Priestess” originally appeared in the anthology Read More

Out of Avalon: An Anthology of Old Magic and New Myths

Out of Avalon: An Anthology of Old Magic and New Myths by Jennifer Roberson

Out of Avalon: An Anthology of Old Magic and New Myths is an anthology for everyone who loves re-takes on the Arthurian legends, and especially those readers who loved The Mists of Avalon and are seeking more of the same sort of retellings, laced with gender politics, religious issues, and romance.

As in all anthologies, some of the stories are to my taste, some aren't, and there is probably something for everyone. In my opinion, the stunner of the bunch is Rosemary Edghill's "Prince of Exiles." Set among bloodthirsty warlords rather than knights-n-ladies, it is narrated by Ator (Arthur)'s bitter illegitimate son, as he unfolds his intricate plan for revenge against his father. It's a darkly engrossing story until you get to the l... Read More

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Rosemary Edghill review Childeric the Shatterer Rosemary Edghill 1. Vengeance of Masks 2. City of TombsVeneance of Masks (Childeric the Shatterer) — (2003) According to Ms Edghill, there was supposed to be a second book called City of Tombs published in 2004. Publisher: For a thousand years the Eidolon Empire has commanded all: humans, demi-humans, beastmen, and themselves. In courts of honor and debauchery they hone their manners and their daggers. They rule with a cruelty that is made more cruel by their capriciousness. For a thousand years the demon Malvisage, the Suffering Servant, has lain chained, controlled by the Mindmask of Thrones. For a thousand years, Malvisage has waited. Tonight all that will change. Tonight the godborn will become the prey of mortals. Tonight the exquisite City of Contradance will become the City of Tombs. Malvisage commands the night, and the night is spreading to cover all the lands. Childeric, the Child of Night, Prince of the Starlight Gates, born to be Emperor, will become the ruler of desolation. Wine, blood, and poison are one. Malvisage controls all. Except Childeric. Except the human woman bound to Childeric by ties that he cannot suspect, even in nightmare…

Rosemary Edghill Met by Moonlight reviewMet by Moonlight — (1998) Publisher: When modern day witch Diana Crossways plunges back to 1647 England, she learns that a mysterious man she saw in Salem, Massachusetts is a notorious witch hunter. He holds the power of life and death over Diana — but she also inflames his desire.

Rosemary Edghill The Warslayer: The Incredibly True Adventures of Vixen the Slayer reviewThe Warslayer: The Incredibly True Adventures of Vixen the Slayer — (2002) Available as a free e-book from Baen Free Library. Publisher: Gloria “Glory” McArdle plays Vixen the Slayer in a straight-to-syndication TV show where even the fans say the villain is the better actress. The wizards of Erchanen have been searching all the worlds to find a hero, and Vixen the Slayer is the last name on their list. The Warmother, imprisoned a thousand years before by Ginnas the Warkiller, has broken free of her ancient chains. If a hero can’t be found somewhere in all the universes to fight for them, the people of Erchanen are toast. But is it Glory they’re looking for… or Vixen? It all seemed to be a perfectly straightforward misunderstanding when Belegir was explaining it in Glory’s dressing room. The reality — if you could call it that — isn’t just fighting for her life. Faced with a challenge like that, what can a girl do but pick up her magic sword and her stuffed elephant and give her trademark battle cry: “Hi-yi-yi-yi! Come, Camrado! Evil wakes!”

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Bedlam’s Bard — (2000-2005) Mercedes Lackey and Rosemary Edghill. Publisher: After the events chronicled in Bedlam’s Bard, world-saving bard and magician Eric hopes to settle down to the quiet life. No such luck: his apartment building is a safe-house for a group of occult Guardians protecting New York from supernatural evil. And there’s a new evil for them to guard against… Unethical researchers are planning to raise a psychotropic drug-enslaved army of mercenaries. But this gets the attention of Aerune mac Audelaine, lord of the dark Unseleighe Sidhe, who hopes to use the drugs to break through to the human world. Both plans will bring terror to the world — and both are threatened by the very existence of Eric Banyon. With his possibly loyal companions — a beautiful elven half-breed and a gargoyle — Eric heads for a three-way battle of wizardry that will determine Gotham’s fate-and his own.

Mercedes Lackey Ellen Guon Rosemary Edghill Belam's Bard review Knight of Ghosts and Shadows, Summoned to Tourney, Bedlam BoysMercedes Lackey Ellen Guon Rosemary Edghill Belam's Bard review Knight of Ghosts and Shadows, Summoned to Tourney, Bedlam BoysMercedes Lackey Ellen Guon Rosemary Edghill Belam's Bard review Knight of Ghosts and Shadows, Summoned to Tourney, Bedlam BoysRosemary Edghill Mercedes Lackey Ellen Guon Bedlam's Bard review 4. Beyond World's End 5. Spirits White as Lightning 6. Mad Maudlin 7. Music to My Sorrow Rosemary Edghill Mercedes Lackey Ellen Guon Bedlam's Bard review 4. Beyond World's End 5. Spirits White as Lightning 6. Mad Maudlin 7. Music to My Sorrow Rosemary Edghill Mercedes Lackey Ellen Guon Bedlam's Bard review 4. Beyond World's End 5. Spirits White as Lightning 6. Mad Maudlin 7. Music to My Sorrow Rosemary Edghill Mercedes Lackey Ellen Guon Bedlam's Bard review 4. Beyond World's End 5. Spirits White as Lightning 6. Mad Maudlin 7. Music to My Sorrow

Shadow Grail — (2010-2014) Mercedes Lackey and Rosemary Edghill. Young adult. Publisher: Spirit White wasn’t exactly a normal teenager; but when a freak accident left her the only survivor in her family, she found herself the legal ward of a strange boarding school and orphanage in the middle of Montana — the Oakhurst Academy — and its even stranger headmaster, Doctor Ambrosius.

Mercedes Lackey and Rosemary Edghill Shadow Grail 1. Legacies 2. ConspiraciesMercedes Lackey and Rosemary Edghill Shadow Grail 1. Legacies 2. ConspiraciesMercedes Lackey and Rosemary Edghill Shadow Grail 1. Legacies 2. Conspiracies 3. Sacrificesfantasy and science fiction book reviews

fantasy and science fiction book reviewsArcanum 101: Welcome New Students — (2012) Publisher: Fifteen-year-old Tomas Torres, the son of an immigrant family who are just barely making it, gets picked up by the police for doing some work for the local padrone (collector). For this work, Tomas has made $1000 a week, a lot of money by anyone’s count. But what is the work? What is Tomas arrested for? Arson, but arson that cannot be explained. Tomas has a most unusual gift: he is a fire-starter — he can start fires with sheer force of will that flame from the tips of his fingers. More, he can will fireballs to hurl at his enemies or opponents, and he can incinerate any evidence. But the courts decide they have enough to convict young Tomas and send him off to a school (which Tomas believes to be a kind of jail): St. Rhiannon’s School for the Gifted and Exceptional Student. At St. Rhiannon’s, Tomas soon finds that he is not alone. St. Rhia’s, as they call it, is a school for students of all ages with “gifts” like Tomas’s: students who are pre-cogs, storm-callers, witches, healers, wizards, techno-shamans, psionics, firestarters, teleporters, psychics, sensitives and much, much more. Things he could never have imagined happen at St. Rhia’s, and in time Tomas comes to feel less alone. He begins to believe in what he actually sees (astral warriors, for example) and all that he is taught by his attractive young mentor, VeeVee. All students at St. Rhia’s are attempting to learn to control their gifts. Tomas, too, must learn about the ethics and the laws of magic (of which he knows nothing) and more, how to control the strength and force of his fire. Join Tomas and his friends as they journey through St. Rhia’s and beyond, both through the outside world and through magical Gates to the magical worlds of Chaos and other kingdoms where their gifts will be tested. If they succeed, their powers will take on new relevance and meaning.

fantasy and science fiction book reviewsDead Reckoning — (2012) Publisher: Jett is a girl disguised as a boy, living as a gambler in the old West as she searches for her long-lost brother. Honoria Gibbons is a smart, self-sufficient young woman who also happens to be a fabulous inventor. Both young women travel the prairie alone — until they are brought together by a zombie invasion! As Jett and Honoria investigate, they soon learn that these zombies aren’t rising from the dead of their own accord … but who would want an undead army? And why? This gunslinging, hair-raising, zombie western mashup is perfect for fans of Cowboys vs. Aliens and Pride & Prejudice & Zombies.