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Isobelle Carmody

fantasy author Isobelle Carmody(1958- )
Isobelle Carmody is an Australian author. She began her first book, Obernewtyn, when she was fourteen. With her partner and daughter, Isobelle divides her time between Prague in the Czech Republic and her home on the Great Ocean Road in Australia. You can watch Isobelle Carmody reading from the Obernewtyn books at The Obernewtyn website.

Obernewtyn: Post-apocalyptic YA fantasy from the 1980s

Obernewtyn by Isobelle Carmody

Elspeth has dreams that come true. She can read thoughts, even the thoughts of animals, especially the strange cat Maruman. These gifts make her a Misfit, marked for death in her world.

Isobelle Carmody’s post-apocalyptic fantasy Obernewtyn, published in 1987, follows Elspeth from the “orphanage farm,” where she and her brother Jes were sent after the execution of their parents for sedition, to the strange mountain compound of Obernewtyn, a place of mystery, power and great danger.

In this world a strict government and a stricter religious order called The Herders control the population after a catastrophe, the Great White, nearly destroyed all life. It appears from the toxicity of the soil and the mention of whole sectors that are “badlands” that the event might have been thermonuclear. Anything from the Beforetimes, like books, is ... Read More

The Farseekers: A solid continuation of a promising series

The Farseekers by Isobelle Carmody

I enjoyed the first book in Isobelle Carmody's THE OBERNEWTYN CHRONICLES but its follow-up, The Farseekers (1990), was even better. After a nuclear holocaust has destroyed civilization as we know it, leaving only isolated communities and small cities ruled by a totalitarian Council, those born with psychic abilities are known as Misfits. Their fate is to be either burned at the stake or sent to remote Councilfarms, the most famous of which is called Obernewtyn.

Those there were subject to terrible experimentation, but since the close of the last book the compound has been taken over by the very people who were once its prisoners. Among them is Elspeth Gordie, a powerful young telepath who now finds ... Read More

Ashling: A long-running series takes on an epic scope

Ashling by Isobelle Carmody

This is the third book in Isobelle Carmody's THE OBERNEWTYN CHRONICLES, marking the point where the series takes on a truly epic quality. Seriously, this instalment is twice the size of the first volume, and the next one is even larger!

Elspeth Gordie is one of many so-called Misfits that dwell in the safe haven of Obernewtyn, a place where those with psychic abilities (whether they're telepaths, coercers, beast-speakers or far-seekers) can live in peace and secrecy. That latter quality is necessary due to the totalitarian Council that rules the rest of the land, their laws enforced by religious leaders known as Herders. In the eyes of Herders, Misfits such as Elspeth are an aberration.

But they're not the only enemy ... Read More

The Keeping Place: A dystopian world continues to expand

The Keeping Place by Isobelle Carmody

This is the fourth book in Isobelle Carmody's ongoing THE OBERNEWTYN CHRONICLES, detailing the lives of telepathic Misfits trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. After the cataclysm known as the Great White destroyed all know civilisation, humanity has re-emerged across various cities and communities, ruled over by a totalitarian Council and religious fanatics known as the Herders.

The Misfits are those regularly used as scapegoats by those in power; their abilities to heal, coerce, mind-speak, empathise and communicate with animals held up as examples of blasphemy and witchcraft. That hasn't stopped them from building a sanctuary for themselves at Obernewtyn; once a compound for experimenting on their people, now a place of safety and harmony.

But Misfits still ... Read More

Wavesong & The Stone Key: Still a long way to go…

Wavesong & The Stone Key by Isabelle Carmody

Every book in Isabelle Carmody's THE OBERNEWTYN CHRONICLES is longer than the one before, which accounts for the splitting of the fifth volume into two parts. Though The Stone Key (2008) was originally published by Penguin as a singular book, American publisher Random House divided it into Wavesong and The Stone Key, turning the original volume into the fifth and sixth books in the series.

As I'm a New Zealander, I ended up reading the Australian copy of the book, so any American readers should consider this a review of Wavesong AND The Stone Key. By this point we're several books into the series, with... Read More

More fantasies by Isobelle Carmody

Gateway Trilogy  — (2000-2003) Young adult. The last book will be called Firecat’s Dream. Publisher: Rage Winnoway’s mother has been asleep since she had a terrible accident. In a quest to find healing magick, Rage and her animal friends travel through a strange gateway to Valley, a land of mythical beasts, talking dogs and streets that change shape. But Valley is no paradise. Harsh guardians rule a sinister black city, and fugitive witch folk work forbidden magick. Rage desperately wants to go home, but the one person who can help her, a wizard, has disappeared. Her only guides are the treacherous firecat and an enchanted hourglass.

<br /><br /> Isobelle Carmody Gateway Trilogy 1. The Night Gate 2. The Winter Doorfantasy and science fiction book reviews<br /><br /> Isobelle Carmody Gateway Trilogy 1. The Night Gate 2. The Winter Doorfantasy and science fiction book reviews

Little Fur — (2006-2008) Ages 9-12. Publisher: Who is Little Fur? Why, she’s a half elf, half troll, as tall as a three-year-old human child, with slanted green eyes, wild red hair that brambles about her pointed ears, and bare, broad, four-toed feet. Little Fur loves and tends to the Old Ones, the seven ancient trees that protect her home, a small, magical wilderness nestled magically in a park in the midst of a large, bustling human city. When she learns that evil forces are out to destroy her beloved trees, the intrepid halfling must embark on an ambitious and dangerous journey into the human world and down into an ancient cut in the earth, in search of a way to save not only the Old Ones, but the Earth Spirit itself.

Isobelle Carmody Little Fur 1. The Legend Begins 2. A Fox Called Sorrow 3. Mystery of Wolves Isobelle Carmody Little Fur 1. The Legend Begins 2. A Fox Called Sorrow 3. Mystery of Wolves Isobelle Carmody Little Fur 1. The Legend Begins 2. A Fox Called Sorrow 3. Mystery of Wolves 4. Riddle of Green Isobelle Carmody Little Fur 1. The Legend Begins 2. A Fox Called Sorrow 3. Mystery of Wolves 4. Riddle of Green

Legendsong — (released in Australia 1996- ) Publisher: After the death of her parents and her beloved instructor, Wind, Glynn devotes herself to the care of her sick twin sister, feeling her own life to be unimportant. One night, during a midnight swim, she is swept across the Void to the troubled watery world of Keltor, through a portal created to summon the mythical Unraveller. What is the mysterious connection between Glynn’s world and Keltor? And why does the man who rescued her from the waves bear an eerie resemblance to Wind?

Isobelle Carmody Legendsong 1. Darkfall 2. Darksong 3. Darkbanefantasy and science fiction book reviewsIsobelle Carmody Legendsong 1. Darkfall 2. Darksong 3. Darkbanefantasy and science fiction book reviews

Kingdom of the Lost — (2013-2014) Publisher: In this captivating first book, brothers Zluty and Bily live happily in their little house in the desert. Every year Zluty journeys to the great forest while Bily stays to tend their desert home. And every year Zluty returns with exciting tales of his adventures. But then a devastating red wind sweeps across the land destroying everything in its path. And each brother must fight for his survival. A magical new series for younger readers from the award-winning author of Little Fur.

fantasy and science fiction book reviewsfantasy and science fiction book reviews


fantasy and science fiction book reviewsScatterlings — (1991) Publisher: Merlin awakes from a terrifying accident not knowing who, or where she is. All she knows for certain, is that this is not her world… Bewildered and alone, Merlin sets out through an alien landscape to try and discover the truth about herself — as terrifying as it may be!

Isobelle Carmody The Gatherine young adult fantasy literatureThe Gathering — (1993) Young Adult.  Publisher: When 15-year-old Nathaniel and his mother move to Cheshunt, the boy immediately senses something wrong with the town. As he finds out more about the town’s dark past, Nathaniel knows he’s not imagining things. He soon finds himself involved with a small group of friends determined to defeat an age-old evil presence that has held the town in its grasp for decades.

fantasy and science fiction book reviewsGreen Monkey Dreams — (1995) Publisher: A stunning collection of 14 short stories, full of provocative ideas and haunting images. I ride this day upon the Worldroad, alone, except for Courage, who rides on the pommel of my saddle fluffing his feathers. I did not dream of journeying thus as a child… This is the unforgettable world of Isobelle Carmody, presented in 14 stories written over a period of 13 years. Within it readers will find roads of paradox on which an angel might be a torturer, or a princess might reject a prince to save a rooster. These are paths traveled by seekers of the difficult deepest truths never found on straight roads; here a boy searches for his true name, a group of pilgrims is led by a song on an ancient journey, and a beast discovers hope. Enter this world and you will never again be sure where reality ends and imagination begins, for sometimes the greatest truths can only be told through imagination. From one of Australia’s finest writers of fantasy comes a stunning collection of stories full of provocative ideas and haunting images.

fantasy and science fiction book reviewsGreylands — (1997) Publisher: A silent, lonely place, devoid of colour and scent — this is the Greylands. Jack and Ellen have lost their mother and their grief-stricken dad isn’t coping. In the sad and confusing aftermath of her death, Jack tries to understand more about his mother and the mysteries behind her death. One wakeful night, Jack enters a place made up of colourless reflections of his own world. Trapped inside this lonely land he meets Alicia, a strange girl with a secret, and the tragic laughing beast. Will Jack work out how to escape before the terrifying wolves find him? Or is he destined to live in the Greylands forever?

fantasy and science fiction book reviewsThe Landlord — (2000) Publisher: When a mysterious entrepreneur, known simply as ‘the Landlord’, takes over a derelict theatre, Abel and his strange, brilliant friend, Egon, are fascinated by its transformation into an ‘Ultimate Entertainment Centre’. As Abel begins to notice that more sinister changes are happening around town as well, Egon sees nothing but the flickering glamour of the virtual reality game the Landlord has distributed to every home. A surreal tale set in a frightening future, by multi-award winning author Isobelle Carmody, with evocative illustrations by Ken Carmody.

Isobelle Carmody DreamwalkerDreamwalker — (2001) Publisher: Ken’s ambition was to be a comic-book artist, one of a team that made the drawings come to life, that made the stories real. His greatest creation was the sorceress, whose deadly hungers visited sleepers and fed upon them. But one day he woke from a dream and found himself in the world of the sorceress, a world where one of his own characters, the beautiful Alyssa, claimed to have imagined him. Who was the dreamer and who was the dream?

Isobelle Carmody Alyzon WhitestarrAlyzon Whitestarr — (2009) Ages 9-12. Publisher: Are Alyzon’s new abilities a blessing… or a curse? Alyzon Whitestarr doesn’t take after her musically talented father or her nocturnal, artistic mother. In fact, she’s the most normal member of a very eccentric family… until the day that an accident leaves her more unique than she ever could have dreamed. Suddenly colors are more vibrant to Alyzon; her memory is flawless; but strangest of all is Alyzon’s sense of smell. Her best friend smells of a comforting sea breeze. She registers her father’s contentment as the sweet scent of caramelized sugar. But why does the cutest guy in school smell so rancid? With Alyzon’s extrasensory perception comes intrigue and danger, as she becomes aware of the dark secrets and hidden ambitions that threaten her family. In the end, being different might be less of a blessing than a curse…

fantasy and science fiction book reviewsMetro Winds — (2012) Publisher: An engrossing collection of sensual, otherworldly stories from the author of the acclaimed Obernewtyn Chronicles. In these stories, anything is possible. A young man fulfills a dying wish. A girl discovers her destiny in the dark tunnels of the Metro. Another seeks her lost sister in a park where winter lasts forever. A writer pursues an ending to his story. A mother works magic to summon a true princess for her son. A lost man goes in search of his shadow. This is a world of desire and transformation, the real and the not real, from a queen of modern fantasy.