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Maite Carranza

Maite Carranza(1958- )
Maite Carranza studied anthropology and worked as a teacher before deciding to focus on literature, writing fiction as well as television and movie scripts. She has written more than forty books for children, and lives in Barcelona, Spain. Noel Baca-Castex (translator) was born in Argentina and has a degree in Spanish-English translation. After working in publishing for more than ten years in Buenos Aires and New York, she now freelances full-time in West Orange, New Jersey. Here is Maite Carranza’s website.

War of the Witches: Poorly served by bad translation

War of the Witches by Maite Carranza

Maite Carranza is a Spanish writer, author of the War of the Witches trilogy, a YA contemporary fantasy. The first book, called Clan of the She-Wolf in Europe, was published in America as War of the Witches in 2005. I’ve checked Amazon and Amazon UK and I cannot find either of the other books, Desert of Ice or Curse of the Odi, available in an English translation.

The word “translation” brings me to the biggest problem with this book. War of the Witches is poorly served by a very bad translation. “Reigns” instead of “reins,” and my personal favorite, “filter” instead of “philtre” (love potion) were bad enough, but then I hit the thuddingly inaccurate “mi... Read More