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SFF Author: Patrick Carman

patrick carmanPatrick Carman is the bestselling author of the Land of Elyon series, as well as the Elliot’s Park series, the Skeleton Creek series, and the Atherton series. He got his start as a storyteller weaving bedtime tales for his two daughters. He lives in Walla Walla, Washington, with his family. Read or listen to the first chapters of Patrick Carman’s books at his website.


The Dark Hills Divide: Interesting premise but little spark

The Dark Hills Divide by Patrick Carman

Patrick Carman’s The Dark Hills Divide has a good if not all that original premise at its core — a kingdom of four cities completely walled in and a 12-yr-old heroine who longs to see what’s beyond the walls. The walls were built a generation ago by Thomas Warvold, a well-traveled adventurer who came up with the idea to overcome people’s fears of expansion into unknown and allegedly dangerous lands by building walled roads and towns using temporarily freed convicts as laborers.

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The House of Power: A set up novel

The House of Power by Patrick Carman

The House of Power is the first installment in Patrick Carman’s ATHERTON trilogy. As such, it is expected that there be some ‘setting up’ for the next book. These expectations are surpassed, as there is little else but setting up for most of this book.

Halfway through The House of Power all that was still happening was the suggestion of more problems, and it seemed that I would have to read the rest of the trilogy to get any answers at all.

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Rivers of Fire: Strongest book in Atherton trilogy

Rivers of Fire by Patrick Carman

Rivers of Fire is by far the strongest book in the ATHERTON trilogy. From beginning to end, the plot moves quickly, the characters develop and play to their own strengths, mysteries are resolved,  bravery is tested, lives are lost, radical changes begin anew, foes are slain. And all while Atherton shows its true self.

Rivers of Fire picks right up where The House of Power left off — in the middle of a battle — so it gets going very quickly.

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The Dark Planet: Reviewed by a teen

The Dark Planet by Patrick Carman

He was so proud of him and all that he’d done, proud enough to never call him his maker again.

The Dark Planet is the conclusion to Patrick Carman’s Atherton trilogy about a young boy, Edgar, and his adventures while finding out who his father really was. Along the way he makes numerous friends on Atherton, and the Dark Planet itself. He knows he was made for a purpose, he knows he doesn’t have real parents like everyone else,

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Skeleton Creek: Multi-media mystery for kids

Skeleton Creek & Ghost in the Machine by Patrick Carman

In the Skeleton Creek duology, best friends Ryan McCray and Sarah Fincher team up to investigate the mysterious goings-on at an old mining dredge in their town. The story is told in Ryan’s journal, in which he records his thoughts and his correspondence with Sarah; and in Sarah’s films, creepy Blair Witch-style videos that are accessible on the Internet using passwords given in the text. Before I go any further, I should say that Skeleton Creek is not fantasy and is better categorized as mystery.

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