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Dan Abnett

Dan AbnettDan Abnett (born 1965) is a novelist and award-winning comic book writer. He has written at least 25 novels for the Black Library, including the acclaimed Gaunt’s Ghosts series and the Eisenhorn and Ravenor trilogies, and with Mike Lee, the Darkblade cycle. His Black Library novel Horus Rising and his Torchwood novel Border Princes (for the BBC) were both bestsellers. He lives and works in Maidstone, Kent. Here’s Dan Abnett’s website.


Fell Cargo: Take to the high seas with this motley crew!

Fell Cargo by Dan Abnett

Captian Luka Silvero and his bloody Reivers are the most despicable, cut-throat, greedy sea-wolves of the Old World and they're just the right stuff to rid the seas of something even more evil: the cursed Butcher Ship. Of course it takes the right incentive of a hefty reward and, for Luka, it's either sink the Butcher Ship or face his just reward at the end of noose. After all, a buccaneer does have his reputation to think of. Plus there is always the unbreakable pirate code...

I don't know what it is about pirates, but we can't help but love them, and Dan Abnett captures the salty ol' heart of a pirate story in Fell Cargo. So, wrap one fist around a cutlass and the other (unless that one is a hook) around your flint-lock pistol, then prepare to board. Take on other pirates, zombies, vampires, sea-monsters and thrice-damned curses. And you'd better not forget to look out for a ... Read More

Triumff: Her Majesty’s Hero: Did Not Finish

Triumff: Her Majesty’s Hero by Dan Abnett

It’s 2010 and Queen Elizabeth XXX is on the throne of a magical alternate England. When the throne is threatened, Sir Rupert Triumff, discoverer of Australia, comes to the rescue.

I’ll make this short. I didn’t get very far with Triumff: Her Majesty’s Hero. The story is a comedy of the sort that has no appeal to me. It’s written in a self-consciously long-winded style where extensive detailed descriptions and explanations of every minor person and place keep interrupting the plot in order to provide background trivia and to crack jokes. Unfortunately, the trivia isn’t interesting or relevant and the jokes aren’t funny. By the end of the first chapter I felt buried under minutiae and puerility. Here’s just one example (read the first chapter at Amazon to get more of the sense of it):
Gonzalo would attempt to distract Her Majesty with discourses on the correct stri... Read More

Embedded: Almost begs to be turned into a sci-fi action movie

Embedded by Dan Abnett

News coverage of military conflicts changed forever when journalists were allowed to travel along with combat units and report right from the front line, providing dramatic real life images of what life is like for soldiers and civilians in a war zone. Dan Abnett effectively takes this concept of the “embedded reporter” into futuristic territory with his new military science fiction novel, Embedded.

Lex Falk is an acclaimed but cynical and war-weary journalist who has visited and written about several newly colonized planets throughout his career. At the start of Embedded, he finds himself on planet Eighty-Six, chasing hints that an armed conflict may be on the verge of breaking out. It’s in the best interest of the various planetary and corporate authorities to downplay any hint that war may be coming, so even Lex finds it difficult ... Read More

Magic: An Anthology of the Esoteric and Arcane: Like a box of chocolates

Magic: An Anthology of the Esoteric and Arcane edited by Jonathan Oliver

Magic is, almost by definition, esoteric and arcane; something known only to a few, kept secret from the masses, practiced only by initiates. Still, the grandiose title of this themed anthology of original stories may oversell it slightly, since many of the tales here are quite conventional. Jonathan Oliver gathered a shining collection of talent, though, and with fifteen stories spanning fantasy, dark fantasy, urban fantasy and horror, most readers will find something to enjoy.

The book has a lovely cover by Nicolas Delort. It’s a simulated woodcut. A Victorian-era woman holds an infant with horns, while a hooded demonic figure stands guard, and the cover is replete with lilies, skulls and ravens. Editor Jonathan Oliver opens the book with an introduction that talks a little bit about each story. I wish he had written instead about the g... Read More

More books by Dan Abnett

fantasy and science fiction book reviewsDragon Frontier — (2013) Publisher: A Wild West fantasy adventure series for 9+ readers, ideal for fans of “How To Train Your Dragon” and Christopher Paolini’s “Eragon”. Cowboys, Indians and dragons come together in this rip-roaring adventure where frontier land is even wilder than history suggests…The Wild West: where great possibility also brings grave danger Jake Polson and his family are starting a new life on the American Frontier. Twelve-year-old Jake is proud to drive the lead wagon; he’s in charge of the oxen and minding his Ma and little sister. But tragedy strikes and Jake must venture deep into the West in search of a legendary creature to save his family. What he discovers in that vast landscape is wilder than he ever imagined. Out on the frontier, an evil force is waiting…About the author: Dan Abnett is a multiple “New York Times” best-selling novelist. He is the fan-favourite author of over thirty Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 novels, and has sold nearly three million copies in over a dozen languages. He has also written novels for franchises such as “Torchwood”, “Primeval” and “Doctor Who”. When he’s not being a novelist, he writes screenplays and video games, and he has written some of the most famous superhero comics in the world, including “Iron Man”, “Thor” and “The Guardians of the Galaxy at Marvel”, and “Superman”, “Batman”, “The Legion of Superheroes”, and “Wonder Woman” at DC Comics. “Dragon Frontier” is his first book for younger readers.


Darkblade — (2000-2007) by Dan Abnett & Mike Lee. There are graphic novels associated with these. Publisher: Naggaroth is the frozen homeland of the dark elves. The twisted cousins of the high elves, they revel in torture, depravity and dark pacts with demons. They are feared throughout the Old World for their evil, savage ways, yet one member of this despicable race stands out for his treachery and cunning — Malus Darkblade. Possessed by the ancient daemon Tz’arkan, dark elf Malus Darkblade is faced with a stark choice — recover five items of unimaginable power within one year or forfeit his soul forever! There is little honour in this series of dark adventures — there are only shades of evil.

Warhammer reviews Darkblade 1. Daemon's Curse 2. Bloodstorm 3. Reaper of Souls 4. Warpsword 5. Lord of RuinWarhammer reviews Darkblade 1. Daemon's Curse 2. Bloodstorm 3. Reaper of Souls 4. Warpsword 5. Lord of RuinWarhammer reviews Darkblade 1. Daemon's Curse 2. Bloodstorm 3. Reaper of Souls 4. Warpsword 5. Lord of RuinWarhammer reviews Darkblade 1. Daemon's Curse 2. Bloodstorm 3. Reaper of Souls 4. Warpsword 5. Lord of RuinWarhammer reviews Darkblade 1. Daemon's Curse 2. Bloodstorm 3. Reaper of Souls 4. Warpsword 5. Lord of Ruin

Gilead Lothain — (2001-2013) by Dan Abnett. Publisher: Gilead’s Blood follows the saga of the doom–laden High Elf Gilead Lothain. Along with his faithful retainer Fithvael, Gilead, shadowfast warrior and the last of the line of Tor Anrok, travels the Warhammer world seeking revenge on the servants of Evil.

Gilead's Blood — (2001) by Dan Abnettfantasy and science fiction book reviews

Hammers of Ulric (White Wolves) — (2000) by Dan Abnett and James WallisHammers of Ulric (White Wolves) — (2000) by Dan Abnett and James Wallis. Publisher: Dark powers gather around the ancient mountain–top city of Middenheim, the City of the White Wolf. Only the noble Templar Knights of Ulric and a few unlikely allies stand to defend her against the insidious servants of Death. Templar Knight Ganz and his brothers–in–arms must seek help from the most unlikely of allies if they are to save the city they are sworn to protect.

Riders of the Dead — (2003) by Dan AbnettRiders of the Dead — (2003) by Dan Abnett. Publisher: Far to the north of the Empire lies the dreaded Chaos Wastes, a dark landscape permeated by the corrupting magic of Chaos and home to the servants of the Dark Gods. Standing between this gateway to hell and the civilised world lies the frozen land of Kislev, bastion against the rising tide of evil. Two Empire soldiers get their first taste of battle as they join the campaign to repel the savage Northern Tribes. As the winter draws in, the last major battle sees their destinies thrown into turmoil as circumstances tear them apart and throw them onto opposite sides. Such is the mutating power in this dark and terrible land that the strongest of friends can soon become the bitterest of enemies. As they race towards a final cataclysmic showdown the fate of their souls will be sealed forever.