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Captian Luka Silvero and his bloody Reivers are the most despicable, cut-throat, greedy sea-wolves of the Old World and they’re just the right stuff to rid the seas of something even more evil: the cursed Butcher Ship. Of course it takes the right incentive of a hefty reward and, for Luka, it’s either sink the Butcher Ship or face his just reward at the end of noose. After all, a buccaneer does have his reputation to think of. Plus there is always the unbreakable pirate code…

I don’t know what it is about pirates, but we can’t help but love them, and Dan Abnett captures the salty ol’ heart of a pirate story in Fell Cargo. So, wrap one fist around a cutlass and the other (unless that one is a hook) around your flint-lock pistol, then prepare to board. Take on other pirates, zombies, vampires, sea-monsters and thrice-damned curses. And you’d better not forget to look out for a dirk in your own back, too. Pray to King Death that you’ll survive to get the treasure.

Yo-ho-ho, it’s a pirate’s life for me!

Fell Cargo — (2006) by Dan Abnett. Publisher: Long believed dead, pirate Captain Luka Silvaro returns to reclaim his ship and embark on a deadly new mission. But the high seas are now more dangerous than ever, and the captain and his scurvy crew of rogues must face pirates, curses, sea monsters and even worse foes. Can Silvaro and his allies track down the dread Butcher Ship and defeat her gruesome undead crew before they too are turned into mindless zombies? Top–selling Black Library author Dan Abnett takes to the high seas in this action–packed tale of adventure and dark sorcery.


  • Greg Hersom

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