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Win a copy of The Gathering Storm!

Those folks at Tor are good sports — they’re offering a copy of The Gathering Storm to the winner of our renaming contest (see post below), so be sure to enter with all of your ideas!  Thanks, Tor!!

Bill is looking forward to judging your titles as he’s reading the book. As for me, I’ll be purchasing The Gathering Storm on Tuesday from  ~Kat

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The Gathering Storm: Rename This Horrible Cover!

Everyone’s talking about Tor’s upcoming release of The Wheel of Time: The Gathering Storm by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson.

Bill‘s got a copy in his hot little hands and we’ll be posting his review on October 27 at 12:01 am.

Meanwhile…. some of us aren’t too crazy about this cover art…

So, let’s have some fun with it! Can you suggest a BETTER title for a book with this cover? Put your title below. You may enter as many titles as you like.

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An Interview With Robert Rhodes

FanLit’s own Robert Rhodes was recently interviewed by Jason M. Waltz, founder of Rogue Blades Entertainment (RBE). RBE publishes Return of the Sword: An Anthology of Heroic Adventure which includes Rob’s story “To Be a Man”. You can read Greg’s review of Return of the Sword here. This interview is reprinted here with Mr Waltz’s permission.

Jason Waltz: What drives your art? What forces you, rides you, hustles you, controls you until its latest needs have been met? What really drives you to create speculative fiction art,

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FanLit’s Favorite Books of 2008

Joe Abercrombie‘s The Last Argument of Kings and Brandon Sanderson‘s The Hero of Ages (both trilogy enders) top our list this year. In fact, those of us who read any Abercrombie or Sanderson novels named them as favorite authors this year. Another mention goes to last year’s favorite: Patrick Rothfuss. Those of us who finally got around to reading his 2007 debut novel this year put it at the top of our lists.

Children / Young Adult

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Next SFF Author: Ben Aaronovitch

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