Each of us has listed a few of our our favorite 2010 releases (hover over the cover to see who recommends each book). This year we’ve added an audio category — these are books that were released on audio for the first time in 2010. Read some of our comments about these books in this post.

Guy Gavriel Kay Under Heaven N.K. Jemisin The Inheritance Trilogy The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms Joel Shepherd Tracato Jasper Kent Thirteen Years Later Juliet Marillier Seer of Sevenwaters Freda Warrington Midsummer Night Felix Gilman The Half-Made World Kage Baker The Bird of the River J.V. Jones Watcher of the Dead K.J. Parker The Folding Knife Sharon Shinn Troubled Waters Ian Whates City of Dreams and Nightmare Skyler White In Dreams Begin M.L.N. Hanover Black Sun's Daughter 3. Vicious Grace Kat Richardson 5. Labyrinth Nancy Holzner Hellforged William Gibson Zero History Connie Willis Blackout All Clear fantasy book reviews Justin Cronin The Passage fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviews Ian McDonald The Dervish House Patrick Rothfuss The Princess and Mr. Whiffle

Children / Young Adult

Matthew Kirby The Clockwork Three Jonathan Stroud The Ring of Solomon Kate Milford The Boneshaker Plain Kate Erin Bow


fantasy anthology review Jonathan Strahan and Lou Anders Swords & Dark Magic: The New Sword & Sorcery George R.R. Martin Warriors The New Dead: A Zombie Anthology Christopher Golden Real Unreal: Best American Fantasy 3 Daniel Abraham Leviathan Wept fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviews The Very Best of Charles de Lint Holly Black The Poison Eaters

2010 Audiobooks

fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviews Gene Wolfe The Shadow of the Torturer Julian May The Many-Coloured Land Elizabeth Moon The Speed of Dark Jesse Bullington The Sad Tale of the Brothers Grossbart Guy Gavriel Kay Under Heaven


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