Elizabeth Campbell wrote in to tell us about a bookstore she loves. Orielis’ Books is an internet bookseller located in the Chapel Hill area. They attend the local SFF conventions:

Orielis’ Books are always in the vendor room at the Cons we get to attend in the Virginia/North Carolina area. They are an online used books business, and build their “brick and mortar” by wheeling in their treasure-crates of books into the hotel for the duration of the weekend.
Orielis' Books at StellarCon 2011
I love having them at the Cons, as I can pop straight over to them after a panel and pick up a copy of whatever was recommended. They make an effort of being sure to carry the small press books authored or published by the Con’s guests.”

If you’ve been to a great bookstore recently, please send us a photo (the SFF section would be great!) and a paragraph or two about why you love that store.