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C.L. Werner

C. L. Werner was a diseased servant of the Horned Rat long before his first story in Inferno! magazine. His Black Library credits include the Chaos Wastes books, the Mathias Thulmann: Witch Hunter novels, the Brunner the Bounty Hunter trilogy, and the Thanquol and Boneripper series. Currently living in the American south-west, he continues to write stories of mayhem and madness set in the Warhammer World.


Matthias Thulmann: Witch Hunter

Matthias Thulmann: Witch Hunter by C.L. Werner

I’m not into RPG’s. So I’m not always comfortable with an RPG-based book. But I’ve been to Warhammer’s Old World before — I‘ve read Fell Cargo, and a couple of Dark Blade books. And I do like the main concept of  the Warhammer storyline — a medieval world on the brink of apocalypse where a dark empire, ruled by the descendant of a god, is mankind’s only hope against the hordes of Chaos.

So I started this book ready for a sword & sorcery tale that I expected to be mildly entertaining. But, Witch Hunter was so much more. Remember when reading was new, fun, and an adventure? C. L. Werner reminds you with these gri... Read More

More Warhammer books by C.L. Werner

Brunner The Bounty Hunter — (2003-2004) by C.L. Werner. Publisher: In the grim and medieval Old World, few are feared and hated as much as the bounty hunter. Their world is one of deceit, treachery and random violence, where words are cheap and life even more so. Survival depends upon a unique blend of intelligence, animal cunning and brute force, with pain and the promise of pain maintaining their aura of fear. Brunner is one such man, a ruthless individual who will stop at nothing to catch his prey and claim his reward.

Warhammer Brunner the Bounty Hunter 1. Blood Money 2. Blood and Steel 3. Blood of the DragonWarhammer Brunner the Bounty Hunter 1. Blood Money 2. Blood and Steel 3. Blood of the DragonWarhammer Brunner the Bounty Hunter 1. Blood Money 2. Blood and Steel 3. Blood of the Dragon

Warhammer : Age of Reckoning— (2007-2009) by Anthony Reynolds and C.L. Werner. Publisher: In a land ravaged by plague and swarming with mutants, a young woman and her companions become swept up in an epic battle to save the Empire from its most ferocious foes — the forces of Chaos.

1. Empire in Chaos 2. Forged by Chaos 1. Empire in Chaos 2. Forged by Chaos

Thanquol & Boneripper— (2009-2010) by C.L. Werner. Publisher: The first Thanquol & Boneripper novel, based on characters from the phenomenally sucessful Gotrek & Felix series.

Warhammer C.L. Werner Thanquol & Boneripper 1. Grey SeerWarhammer C.L. Werner Thanquol & Boneripper 1. Grey Seer 2. Temple of the Serpent

Palace of the Plague Lord — (2007) by C L WernerPalace of the Plague Lord — (2007) by C.L. Werner. Publisher: Swords and sorcery clash in this classic high fantasy quest! CL Werner’s latest tale follows the last warrior of a fierce Norse tribe as he sets out on a perilous quest deep into the dreaded Chaos Wastes, a land of magic and madness that lies far to the north of the Empire. Hideous monsters, ravenous daemons, even the landscape itself threaten him and his warrior band on every step of the journey. What price must a mortal pay to steal the treasure of Nurgle — the god of pestilence and decay? With daemons, sorcerers and Chaos monsters aplenty, Palace of the Plague Lord strikes right at the heart of what makes the Warhammer world so special. Beyond the boundaries of sanity and the laws of nature lies the dread power that men call Chaos.

Runefang — (2008) by C L WernerRunefang — (2008) by C.L. Werner. Publisher: The fate of Wissenland lies in the balance when a mighty undead horde lays waste to the state. As the Imperial troops are pushed remorselessly back, the count and his advisors come up with a desperate plan — to find the missing Solland runefang, for with this legendry weapon they will surely win the day. Baron von Rabwald and a small force of men head into the mountains to seek the sword, but can they find it, let alone get back in time?

Blood for the Blood God — (2008) by C L WernerBlood for the Blood God — (2008) by C.L. Werner. Publisher: The Skulltaker is a feared champion of Khorne, a lone warrior of hideous strength and power who roams the Chaos Wastes slaying all who stand between him and his destiny. Blood for the Blood God tells the tale of this terror of the north and his gory quest to be free of the curse inflicted by the Blood God, Khorne. Can anyone defeat him or will the Wastes be drenched in the blood of fallen champions?