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William King(1959- )
William King was born in Stranraer, Scotland, in 1959. His short stories have appeared in ‘The Year’s Best SF’, ‘Zenth’, ‘White Dwarf’ and ‘Interzone’. He is also the author of the two volumes chronicling the adventures of a Space Marine warrior, Ragnar: ‘Space Wolf’ and ‘Ragnar’s Claw’ and four Gotrek & Felix novels: ‘Trollslayer’, ‘Skavenslayer’, ‘Daemonslayer’ and ‘Dragonslayer’, all available on Amazon. He has travelled extensively throughout Europe and Asia, but he currently lives in Prague, where he is hard at work finishing the fifth Gotrek & Felix adventure, ‘Beastslayer’!


Space Wolf: Entertained this 40-something teenage male

Space Wolf by William King

In mankind’s distant future there is only war. Welcome to the world of WARHAMMER 40,000; a time flung so far into the future that the past has long been shrouded in legend. The human empire spans the universe but is assaulted on every front by demons, aliens, and the followers of evil gods. The Emperor is immobile, only kept alive by ancient machines created in the Dark Age of Technology. Our survival depends on his constant vigilance and the command of his vast armies.

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Neither Beg Nor Yield: Stories With S & S Attitude

Neither Beg Nor Yield: Stories With S&S Attitude by Jason M. Waltz (editor) & M.D. Jackson (illustrator)

I don’t know how aware SFF fandom is, but sword & sorcery has had a resurgence of late. Jason M. Waltz and most of the authors featured in Neither Beg Nor Yield have been champions of this subgenre, some for the past quarter century. Mr. Waltz first published sword & sorcery and other great heroic and weird fiction with Flashing Swords Press and later under his own micro-press, Rogue Blades Entertainment.

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