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Luke Scull

Luke ScullLUKE SCULL was born in Bristol and lives in Warminster with his wife. Luke also designs computer roleplaying games and has worked on several acclaimed titles for Ossian Studios and Bioware.

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The Grim Company: Familiar stories told so well

The Grim Company by Luke Scull

The Grim Company, by Luke Scull, will not, at least at first, stun you with originality. You’ve got your basic world-weary, gruff, aging Northern warrior still good with a blade but feeling the aches and pains accumulating as never before and his typical Northern warrior buddy who is more gruff, more taciturn, and even less cultured. The destined-for-greatness callow-yet-boastful youth with a magic sword (well, dagger, but still). A tyrannical Dark Lord (several, actually, known as Magelords). A bitter, weakened mage. An enigmatic jack-of-all-trades intellectual. An ambitious witch-woman scheming to be the power beside/behind the king. The characters, in short, pretty much come straight from Epic Fantasy Casting Company, Inc.

But you know, so what? Dominoes and my Italian grandmother use the same basic ingredients in their pizzas — dough, cheese, tomatoes, etc. One pizza I’d crawl over broken glass ... Read More