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Susan Maupin Schmid

Susan Maupin Schmid lives in Iowa. She has a particular weakness for good coffee, good books, and beautiful dresses. She writes in a little blue office accompanied by her Yorkie, Toby, who dons the occasional sweater or bow tie for special occasions.

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If the Magic Fits: A castle filled with magical dresses and adventure

If the Magic Fits by Susan Maupin Schmid

In the kingdom of Eliora, eleven year old Darling Dimple is an orphaned servant in Princess Mariposa’s castle, a lowly pot scrubber in the under-cellar of the castle kitchens. She dreams of being a mighty sailor or a great enchantress ― and since she lives in a magic-filled castle built by dragons, surely adventures will come her way! But her daydreams lead to trouble with the castle’s Supreme Scrubstress, who doesn’t take kindly to being splashed with dirty brown dishwater when Darling and her friends are fooling around one day. So when the Wardrobe Mistress comes downstairs looking for a new girl to help press the Princess’s linens, and the Supreme Scrubstress finds out that it’s “hard work that requires close attention,” she gleefully volunteers Darling.

Darling’s new job as Under-presser turns out not to be such a punishment: she’s an upstairs servant rather than a b... Read More