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Jay Schiffman

Jay Schiffman is a writer, entrepreneur, and award-winning creator of digital content and games. Jay grew up in an unremarkable N.Y.C. suburb playing basketball, watching Steven Spielberg movies, and reading everything Kurt Vonnegut ever wrote. He received a law degree and Ph.D. in Political Science from New York University. He taught at NYU and published papers, but he found the academic life a little too academic. So, he committed himself to practicing law. But that too bored him. So, when his first daughter was born (something very exciting!), he decided to start a company focused on educating kids. A few years later, he sold that company. Jay caught the entrepreneurial bug. Since then he has been involved in many successful technology, education, and entertainment startups. Jay currently runs an entertainment studio dedicated to developing games and storytelling content for the public interest sector.

In addition to writing his debut novel Game of the Gods, Jay writes The Politics Blog and works to raise awareness about the importance of tolerance through his organization, The Politics Project. Jay lives with his wife and their six children in the grossly misunderstood state of New Jersey. He and his family enjoy the beach (yes, New Jersey beaches), hiking, sports, reading, and playing all kinds of games, both real and imagined.


Game of the Gods: An ambitious but unsatisfying dystopian adventure

Game of the Gods by Jay Schiffman

Hundreds of years in our world’s future, dystopia prevails, at least in the nation called the Federacy. Judge Max Cone, with a stellar career as a military commander behind him, has spent the last fourteen years as a high judge. One of his duties is to interview young people who want to become formal citizens of the Federacy, guaranteeing them freedom. Most are rejected, sent to border settlements where life is perilous. Now Max is biding his time, taking care of his beloved wife and three young children and quietly planning his personal revenge on the governmental officials who ordered the procedure that essentially lobotomized his wife, a gifted scientist whose research findings threatened the Federacy.

Tensions with other nations and powerful rebel groups are high. While at the trial of a thirteen year old girl named Pique, a citizenship candidate who decided to prove her nearly inhuman talen... Read More