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S.M. Peters

Whitechapel Gods: Would look great on the big screen

Whitechapel Gods by S.M. Peters

S.M. Peters’ Whitechapel Gods is a debut novel that I would have passed over if not for its eye-catching cover by artist Cliff Nielsen. Like Stephen Hunt’s The Court of the Air and Jonathan BarnesThe Somnambulist, Whitechapel Gods takes place in a fantastical Victorian setting. In this case, the backdrop is 19th century London, specifically the district of Whitechapel — that is, a Whitechapel like you’ve never seen before, walled off from the rest of the city and transformed into a “steampunk-driven hell” where humanity suffers unde... Read More

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fantasy book reviews S.M. Peters Whitechapel Gods, Ghost OceanGhost Ocean — (2009) Publisher: Beings of unimaginable power, classified as myths and legends, have been imprisoned in the secludedtown of St. Ives for centuries – watched over by guardians with supernatural skills. Te Evangeline’s father was one such guardian, a “binder” who died in the line of duty and who passed along his ability to his daughter. Now, Te must awaken the magic within her before her father’s killer releases his fellow prisoners on an unsuspecting world.