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Kelly Moore

Kelly Moore is a former lawyer, a New York Times best-selling author, and a single mother of three. She co-wrote the true-crime work DEADLY MEDICINE, which went on to become a New York Times best-seller for seven weeks, and also a NBC TV movie-of-the-week. An inveterate collector of Americana, she has a deep connection to the flotsam of the past cast up upon our further shores. Her latest project, AMBER HOUSE, co-written with her two daughters and based loosely upon her own family history, examines eleven generations of Maryland women and their ties to the past, present, and future.

Amber House: Terrific rainy-night reading

Amber House by Kelly Moore, Tucker & Larkin Reed

Do you like haunted old houses with tangled histories and lots of secret passages? If so, Amber House is the mother lode. This is the kind of book where the heroine figures out there’s a hidden staircase because, while it’s nowhere to be seen in the house itself, a dollhouse based on the real house does have a staircase in that spot. If this appeals to you — and it definitely appeals to me — you need to read Amber House.

Our heroine is Sarah Parsons, whose family inherits, and temporarily moves into, the eponymous Amber House after Sarah’s grandmother dies. Sarah has always had inexplicable abilities, and in her ancestral home, they’re turned up to eleven: she can see echoes of the past as she explores the estate. Meanwhile, her autistic little brother is acting strangely, her mother is cold and ob... Read More

Neverwas: An addictive Gothic tale

Neverwas by Kelly Moore, Tucker & Larkin Reed

OK, first things first. What a beautiful cover!

The book graced by this lovely cover is Neverwas, the sequel to Amber House by mother-and-daughters team Kelly Moore, Tucker Reed, and Larkin Reed. In the previous book, teenaged Sarah Parsons altered the past to save the lives of her younger brother and her aunt.

As Neverwas begins, it becomes clear that Sarah changed more than just that. The entire United States is different from the one we live in — in fact, there is no United States per se, but several loosely connected countries, and Amber House is situated in one where racial segregation still exists. Meanwhile, in Europe, Nazis reign. “WTF?” you might ask. What did Sarah do in the past that messed up the entire world this badly?

That’s the question Sarah ... Read More