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Moira J. Moore

Moira J MooreMoira J. Moore is a Canadian lawyer. Learn more at her blog.


Resenting the Hero: One of the funniest comic fantasies

Resenting the Hero by Moira J. Moore

Sometimes, a fantasy story comes along that simply isn't meant to be taken seriously. This is one of them.

Not to say that that's a bad thing. On the contrary, it's wonderful. Resenting the Hero happily mocks a number of fantasy standards, yet manages to avoid completely sacrificing its own story to do so. The plot is not mindblowing or anything, far from it, but it is well suited to the humorous type of story that Resenting the Hero is.

Moira J Moore definitely has the ability to write something completely serious. You can see that in her world, which has some very interesting aspects to it. And it would be nice in the future to see what else she can do, but hopefully NOT with this series. The satirical tone is priceless, and I'd hate to see the sense of humor disappear.

The characters are amusing mixes of the ex... Read More

Heroes Adrift: Not as funny as it wants to be

Heroes Adrift by Moira J. Moore

When I first picked up Heroes Adrift and read the back, I felt a sudden pang of 'uh oh'. Okay, I don't read Moira J Moore's work for the extremely complex plots. I read her work because it's entertaining and funny, because I like the characters, and because her occasional bouts of dry irreverence for our genre just tickle me pink. But she always manages to hold her own enough in the plot department that it works with what she's doing.

With Heroes Adrift, I'm not so sure about that anymore. The plot is thin enough that our heroes, Lee and Taro, spend pretty much the whole book wandering around on a parody of southern isles in fantasy that I don't find as funny as I think I should. And they're wandering with a traveling circus, basically. Still, this offers some really entertaining moments and delivers some laugh-out-loud lines, just... Read More