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Jessie Douglas Kerruish

(1884-1949) Jessie Douglas Kerruish was a regular contributor to The Weekly Tale-Teller, a paper publishing short stories, she often set her tales in North Africa and the Near East. She went on to publish two story collections and two novels before eventually publishing her English-set supernatural story The Undying Monster. Initially received well, and even inspiring a film years later, this macabre and imaginative tale has been viewed as a real classic of its genre.

The Undying Monster: Film vs. Book

The Undying Monster by Jessie Douglas Kerruish
It was around five years ago that I had the pleasure of watching the 1942 horror thriller The Undying Monster on DVD. I was moderately impressed with the film, enough to write the following:

"B material given A execution" is how film historian Drew Casper describes 20th Century Fox's first horror movie, 1942's The Undying Monster, in one of the DVD's extras, and dang if the man hasn't described this movie to a T. The film, a unique melding of the detective, Gothic and monster genres, though uniformly well acted by its relatively no-name cast, features a trio of first-rate artists behind the camera who really manage to put this one over. And the film's script isn't half bad either. Here, Scotland Yard scientist Robert Curtis (James Ellison) comes to eerie Hammond Hall, a brooding pile on the English coast, sometime around 1900, to investigate some recent attacks ascribed to t... Read More