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Peg Kerr

Peg Kerr With $50.00 from her first paycheck from her first job out of college, Peg Kerr registered for a science fiction and fantasy writing class. There, she met her husband and wrote the first story she ever sold. She attended the Clarion Writers Workshop in 1988 and has an M.A. in English Literature, specializing in speculative fiction. Her fiction has appeared in various science fiction and fantasy magazines and anthologies. Peg Kerr lives in Minneapolis with her husband and two daughters. Here’s Peg Kerr’s blog.

The Wild Swans: Broke my heart and fused it back together

The Wild Swans by Peg Kerr

I still remember the day I bought my copy of The Wild Swans. I’d been on a retold-fairy-tale bender and had devoured almost every book listed in the back of the Fairy Tale Series books edited by Terri Windling, at least the ones I could track down. I knew I wanted something in a similar vein, and the back cover blurb of The Wild Swans promised exactly what I was looking for. The book delivered, too; it turned out to be a stirring novel blending the fairy tale “The Wild Swans” with modern-day issues.

The Wild Swans consists of two interwoven storylines. In one, a young woman must weave coats of stinging nettles for her brothers to save them from an enchantment, all the while remaining silent until she has finished. This plotline is a fairly straightf... Read More

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