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P.B. Kerr

p.b. kerr(1956- )
Phillip Kerr
, the author of many novels for adults, writes children’s fantasy under the name P.B. Kerr. Visit P.B. Kerr’s website to see roasting locusts.

The Akhenaten Adventure: Solid if sometimes careless

The Akhenaten Adventure by P.B. Kerr

The adventure in The Akhenaten Adventures involves a pair of twins, 12-yr-old John and Philippa Gaunt, who discover after a series of odd events that they are not simple upper-class adolescents as they've always though but a pair of djinns ("genie" is considered vulgar) about to come into their own powers. Soon they're off to London and the tutelage of their Uncle Nimrod. It turns out, however, that they need to learn their powers quickly, for Nimrod is involved in a dangerous quest to prevent the head of an evil djinn tribe from finding a source of great power, the key to which has been buried under the sands of Egypt.

This first book in the Children of the Lamp series has several good things going for it. Its world of magic, an Arabian Nights atmosphere centered on the djinn, is more original than most of the teen (and adult) fantasy out there (though Jonathan Stroud's stronger Bartimeus seri... Read More

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