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Ed Greenwood

Ed Greenwood(1959- )
Ed Greenwood
is the creator of the extremely popular and award-winning Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting for Dungeons & Dragons.

The City of Splendors: Not WOTC’s usual fare

The City of Splendors by Ed Greenwood & Elaine Cunningham

The City of Splendors is very different from Wizards of the Coast's usual fare. In fact, it's even unusual for The Forgotten Realms, and that's saying something.

The story almost seems to have no main character, no central conflict, and no central motivation. It revolves around many characters who live their lives in Waterdeep, also known as the City of Splendors due to its astonishing beauty and variety. The interconnectedness of the central characters and the way that they interact with each other and the city that surrounds them (both the actual city and its citizens) is so cleverly written that the reader is never sure just what might happen next.

As with any sword and sorcery novel, there is the usual blood-letting, magic-hurling, rescuing damsels in distress ... Read More

The Kingless Land: The Plotless Book

The Kingless Land by Ed Greenwood

To say there is little plot to The Kingless Land is an understatement. I used to game with a number of players where one of them kept notes of our gaming session. The next time we came together to game, he would recap what occurred the last time we played. Greenwood apparently has this down to an art form. The Kingless Land reads exactly like a D&D gaming session. I can't think of anything more boring than reading about someone else's D&D adventures.

I can summarize The Kingless Land in one sentence:

Action, action, action, minor annoying plot point, action, action, action, minor annoying plot point.

If you are, say, under the age of 13 and you can suspend your disbelief enough to enjoy a story where the main characters are beaten, brutalized, fried, beaten and brutalized again over ... Read More

Swords of Dragonfire: Some of Greenwood’s more interesting characters

Swords of Dragonfire by Ed Greenwood

Although I generally don’t like reviewing the second book in a trilogy, (middle books often seem to just be filler) I just had to write about Ed Greenwood’s Swords of Dragonfire which continues the early exploits of the Knights of Myth Drannor, some of Greenwood’s more interesting characters. A roaming band of adventurers, loyal to the crown of Cormyr, the Knights are perhaps some of the most successful bunglers in the history of the Forgotten Realms. Florin Falconhand and his friends had appeared as wise and worldly adventurers in previous Greenwood books, but their history had never been fully explored. The Knights of Myth Drannor series is Greenwood’s story of their humble beginnings as callow youths in love with the spirit of a... Read More

Dark Lord: Fluff

Dark Lord by Ed Greenwood

Ed Greenwood tries something a little different with Dark Lord. The main character is an author of both fantasy and other fiction who is magically tied to his created world of Falconfar and who has the power to shape this magical land with his ideas and words. It's not a bad premise, but it would take some really great writing to avoid being too much of a personal fantasy.

Dark Lord is not a long book and it's packed with lots of action. I felt like I was reading some of the Forgotten Realms books... oh, that's right; Greenwood wrote some of them. In the FR series I usually felt like I was reading the depiction of a Dungeons & Dragons game with some nice padding to flesh things out. That's mostly what I felt like with Dark Lord.

Greenwood's writing style is solid and he creates an interesting world in which to tell his story. But, I found his characters to be a little flat. Some of them... Read More

More fantasy by Ed Greenwood

Forgotten Realms: The Knights of Myth Drannor — (2006-2008) by Ed Greenwood. Publisher: After they saved his life, the king grants Florin and his friends what they’ve always dreamed of: an adventure! But the “adventure” proves a little more difficult then the newly named Swords of Eveningstar had thought it would be. Scions of evil from across the Realms manipulate the Swords like pawn, and it’s all the Swords can do just to stay alive!

The Knights of Myth Drannor 1. Swords of Eveningstar 2. Swords of Dragonfire 3. The Sword Never SleepsThe Knights of Myth Drannor 1. Swords of Eveningstar 2. Swords of Dragonfire 3. The Sword Never SleepsThe Knights of Myth Drannor 1. Swords of Eveningstar 2. Swords of Dragonfire 3. The Sword Never Sleeps

Niflheim — (2007-2008) Publisher: Orivon Firefist was captured as a six-year-old child by the Nilfghar — the dark elves — who attacked his village by night on one of their surface raids. Fifteen years later, he is a moon-pale, scarred, muscular giant of a man, who has spent his days at forgework for a dark elf family. He is also forced to use his great strength to shift furniture in the grand rooms of their castle. He has been trained (and flogged and ordered about) by the beautiful Tsarnarra, a lash-wielding matron who is icily cruel, but proud of the slaves that she has trained. Through all of this, Orivon’s spirit has never been broken. He longs to return to the surface world, even if that means destroying the entire dark elf empire along the way!

Ed Greenwood Niflheim 1. Dark Warrior Rising 2. Dark VengeanceEd Greenwood Niflheim 1. Dark Warrior Rising 2. Dark Vengeancefantasy and science fiction book reviews