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Ed Greenwood tries something a little different with Dark Lord. The main character is an author of both fantasy and other fiction who is magically tied to his created world of Falconfar and who has the power to shape this magical land with his ideas and words. It’s not a bad premise, but it would take some really great writing to avoid being too much of a personal fantasy.

Dark Lord is not a long book and it’s packed with lots of action. I felt like I was reading some of the Forgotten Realms books… oh, that’s right; Greenwood wrote some of them. In the FR series I usually felt like I was reading the depiction of a Dungeons & Dragons game with some nice padding to flesh things out. That’s mostly what I felt like with Dark Lord.

Greenwood’s writing style is solid and he creates an interesting world in which to tell his story. But, I found his characters to be a little flat. Some of them were better than others, but there was nothing ground-breaking or overly compelling with them.

So, Dark Lord is a good book, but nothing that will have you anxiously waiting for the next one.


The Falconfar Saga — (2007-2010) Publisher: Rod Everlar is a writer who has created a fantasy world called Falconfar, into which he is drawn. There, he discovers that three dark wizards dominate the land. Now he must learn to seize control of Falconfar and find a way of defeating the corruption within. DARK LORD displays all the hallmarks of Ed’s reputation for creating a richly realised fantasy setting, and characters that shine.

Ed Greenwood Falconfar 1. Dark Lord 2. Arch WizardEd Greenwood Falconfar 1. Dark Lord 2. Arch Wizard 3. FalconfarEd Greenwood Falconfar 1. Dark Lord 2. Arch Wizard 3. Falconfar


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