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Emily Diamand

Emily Diamand Emily Diamand is a lifelong environmentalist and an activist for Friends of the Earth. She lives in Yorkshire, England. Learn more at Emily Diamand’s website.

Raider’s Ransom: A good little book with an edge of adventure

Raider's Ransom by Emily Diamand

Raider’s Ransom is set in and around the British Isles, where the survivors of a major global disaster (caused by technology) live much more primitively than their predecessors did. After major weather phenomena and amazing flooding, those who lived were left to clean up and move on with what was left.

Now war is stirring between the crumbling government and the families. The daughter of the Prime Minister is kidnapped, wreaking havoc on the fishing village where she was taken from. From there a girl and her sea cat, armed with a secret, dare to seek out the families who took her and offer a trade.

Raider’s Ransom is brimming with adventure, unlikely friendships, huge mysteries, and crazy “‘puters.” The plot moves along well, not dwelling anywhere too long, getting the story going from page one. New characters are introduc... Read More

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