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Graham Diamond

Graham Diamond(1945- )
Graham Diamond was born in England and raised in New York City. After writing the fantasy novels listed below, he began writing historical fiction, thrillers, and a true story about a Holocaust survivor. Under the pen name Rochelle Leslie (the names of his two daughters), he authored Tears of Passion, Tears of Shame, a novel of South Africa set during the Zulu War of 1879. He was an editorial artist for the New York Times for years, and has taught creative writing in New York and California. He volunteers and lectures at public libraries and schools across the US, and his hobbies include painting, reading, and charity volunteer work. Diamond currently divides his time between California and New York.

Chocolate Lenin: A thriller with chocolate and rum

Chocolate Lenin by Graham Diamond

The Russian Federation is planning to celebrate its 25th Anniversary Jubilee, and Vlad Petrovsky is at the center of the public relations effort. It’s a plum assignment; long hours away from his family and dealing with crisis after crisis will all be worth it to Vlad if he succeeds. In the midst of this, he is pulled away from his assignment and tasked by the Prime Minister himself to support a vital, secret mission that threatens the future of all Russia.

At the center of Chocolate Lenin is a race against time to prevent a scientifically reproduced version of Vladimir Lenin from instigating another revolution. A special team of scientists, police, secret agents and the likable Vlad has been cobbled together to counteract a brilliant scientist’s radical plot to use Lenin to bring down Russia. The elements of the pursuit read like a thriller as the team works to track ... Read More

Other books by Graham Diamond

The Adventures of the Empire Princess — (1978-1981)

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Arabian Nights Style Stories — (1979-1983) These novels stand alone, but are in the same type of arabian setting.

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Stand Alone Novels:

graham diamond the haven reviewThe Haven — (1977) Publisher: They were a howling horde of cunning wild dogs and savage blood-thirsty bats united now with only one goal in mind — to destroy their enemy: thousands of doomed men, women and children. It would be a massacre so vicious, so horrible and so complete that they would finally be able to rule the world unopposed forever.

graham diamond forest wars review

Forest Wars — (1994) Midwest Book Review: Don’t expect pure fantasy with this fable: it’s more a blend of war/romance novel despite its fantasy setting, which involves readers in a besieged human civilization surrounded by a seemingly hostile forest environment.