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Raider’s Ransom is set in and around the British Isles, where the survivors of a major global disaster (caused by technology) live much more primitively than their predecessors did. After major weather phenomena and amazing flooding, those who lived were left to clean up and move on with what was left.

Now war is stirring between the crumbling government and the families. The daughter of the Prime Minister is kidnapped, wreaking havoc on the fishing village where she was taken from. From there a girl and her sea cat, armed with a secret, dare to seek out the families who took her and offer a trade.

Raider’s Ransom is brimming with adventure, unlikely friendships, huge mysteries, and crazy “‘puters.” The plot moves along well, not dwelling anywhere too long, getting the story going from page one. New characters are introduced and set the stage for the adventure. The setting is vividly described. The reader can almost feel the rock of the boat, or see the ‘haunted’ ruined buildings along the Thames.

Although most of Raider’s Ransom is well-crafted, the characters left something to be desired. The main characters are strong, versatile, and deep. But the supporting cast was a little two-dimensional. They had their parts, then seemed to fade into the background without much else to say, even though many made more appearances.

Raider’s Ransom turned out to be a little predictable and had some characters who were too shallow. But some of the characters shined and there were picturesque settings, witty humor, and deep sub-plots. Raider’s Ransom is a good little book with an edge of adventure.

Raiders’ Ransom — (2009-2010) Ages 9-12. Raider’s Ransom has also been published as Reaver’s Ransom and Flood Child. Publisher: It’s the 22nd century and, because of climate change, much of England is underwater. Poor Lilly is out fishing with her trusty sea-cat when greedy raiders pillage the town — and kidnap the prime minister’s daughter. Her village blamed, Lilly decides to find the girl. Off she sails, in secret. And with a ransom: a mysterious talking jewel. “If I save his daughter,” Lilly reasons, “the prime minister’s sure to reward me.” Little does Lilly know that it will take more than grit to outwit the tricky, treacherous piratical tribes!

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