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Mark Del-Franco

Mark Del FrancoMark Del Franco spent several years in the publishing field in editorial and administrative roles and in the institutional finance field as a proposal writer. He currently works freelance in both these areas. Read excerpts of his novels at Mark Del Franco’s website.

Unshapely Things: Lacks the spark

Unshapely Things by Mark Del Franco

Mark Del Franco's Unshapely Things is another addition to the urban fantasy universe. I bought it for a break from all the female authors and their super powerful sassy female characters. That's not criticism of those authors or their characters — just my desire to read something different.

Del Franco's main character, Connor Grey, is a formerly powerful investigator for the Guild, a sort of FBI for fey. Elves, fey, and many other permutations of non-humans have become part of the world we live in due to a magic cataclysm. There are many different factions and Del Franco is adept at creating a feeling of normality; the normal populace simply sees the fey as another special interest group.

Grey is no longer a member of the Guild due to an attack by a fey terrorist that has left his magical powers severely impaired. Now he is caught between the normal wor... Read More

Unperfect Souls: Creative characters, setting, and plot

Unperfect Souls by Mark Del Franco

Unperfect Souls by Mark Del Franco stars Connor Grey, a druid who has lost his powers but still helps investigate the magical goings-on in the Boston neighborhood known as the Weird. In this fourth book of the Connor Grey series, the Dead who had visited earth in Unfallen Dead (book 3) are now stranded on earth. The Weird has become tainted — heightening the aggressive tendencies of its living and dead inhabitants — and Connor has attracted the attention of both faerie courts who are rushing to control him, even if their rivalry threatens a war that will destroy both humans and fey. To prevent war, Connor must solve a murder mystery and survive the political machinations of both courts while learning to harness the potential of the mysterious soul-sucking dark parasite that lives in his brain... Read More

Laura Blackstone

Laura Blackstone — (2009-2010) Urban fantasy. Publisher: She’ll need to keep up appearances — if she wants to stay alive… Being an undercover agent has its occupational hazards, but Laura Blackstone makes it look easy. As a spy for a fey intelligence agency, she uses her magical abilities to create disguises that are skin deepglamours that must never be compromised. But when Laura’s worlds collide she’ll have more to worry about than retiring an identity; she may just lose her life.

fantasy book reviews Mark Del Franco Laura Blackstone 1. Skin Deep 2. Face Offfantasy book reviews Mark Del Franco Laura Blackstone 1. Skin Deep 2. Face Off