A high shutter speed was used. Seeming motionless, a hummingbird hands in the air, its beak piercing a transparent globe of a water drop. Other water drops surround them. Te green background is blurred.We all agree that the single biggest threat facing our beautiful planet is that of space aliens. Ever alert to security risks, our government has responded with a “UFO Czar,” (which is weird because I thought we were retiring the UFO acronym).

The life in our biosphere alone is constantly amazing! This beetle evolved a “fake termite” appendage which keeps it safe from termites and may even encourage them to feed it!

The British Fantasy Award winners were announced last Saturday.

Bill Willingham, creator of Fables, has now put the entire franchise into the public domain. This is his response to years of being cheated and mistreated by the company that owns D.C. Comics. Huge step!

Over on File 770, Gareth Powell writes about why he loves space opera.

Here’s a 1917 map of fairyland, drawn in the Arts and Crafts style, for you to savor. Thanks to File 770. (This blog looks fascinating.)

Astronomers have coined the phrase “noctalgia” (“sky grief”) to describe the sense of loss of the night sky to various kinds of light pollution—and not only for earthbound stargazers.

Mark Speaker Yuan’s image won the Atlas Obscura wildlife photography contest. I may have posted this image or one similar to it before. Not sorry.


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