Against a dusk sky, Ncuta Gatwa as The Doctor wears an orange pullover and a burnth orange tweed suit.Alan Brown reviews the collected short stories of Vernor Vinge.

Coincidence time: I’d never heard of From, but I’m currently re-watching an old ABC show called Lost which featured Harold Perrineau, and so does From, which includes staff talent from Lost…  which means it could go any number of ways.

Since I have been watching Lost, I wondered where Matthew Fox got to, and here’s the answer.

I didn’t know The Lazarus Project was still on, but it is and it’s getting a second season.

Ellen Datlow revealed the Table of Contents for this year’s Year’s Best Horror.

Just how many Planet of the Apes films are there? The Mary Sue knows and will tell you (spoiler alert: they say 10).

Nerds of a Feather reviews Calypso, a novel in verse by Oliver K. Langmead.

The American Library Association released the 10 most challenged books of 2023.

Look out! It’s a rogue planet! That sounds much more impressive than “orphaned planet.”
This means it doesn’t orbit a star.

Ncuti Gatwa, who plays the latest Doctor in Doctor Who, shares what advice previous Doctors gave him.

I was skeptical when I saw a post on Facebook about a white buffalo calf, but a search brought me a local source, so I tend to believe it.


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