WWWednesday: May 25, 2022

Jane and Thor from Love and Thunder. Image from FanWireSFWA announced the Nebula winners on Saturday, May 21, at the Nebula Conference. P.Djeli Clark won Best Novel for  A Master of Djinn; Premee Mohamad won Best Novella for And What Can We Offer You Tonight; Sarah Pinsker won Best Short Story for “Where Oaken Hearts do Gather.” See all the winners here.

Mercedes Lackey was inducted as SFWA’s most recent grandmaster at the same event. Later, Lackey was expelled from the conference for using a term considered an ethnic slur in describing fellow author Samuel Delany.

BoucherCon, the international mystery association, announces 2022’s Anthony Award finalists.

The Executive Director of the National Coalition Against Censorship discusses history and free speech with Publishers Weekly.

Tor.com looks at five characters who make the most of their minor super-powers.

Gizmodo shares the most recent trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder, which features more of Jane in her new role as… the God of Thunder.

Nerds of a Feather offer three short reviews.

If you’ve dreamed of finding hidden treasure, Atlas Obscura offers up six found in places you won’t expect.

Smithsonian Magazine has an article on Pinocchio, or The Story of a Puppet, the novel, not the movie.

Kate Heartfield discusses the historical inspirations for The Embroidered Book over on Whatever.

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Marion Deeds, with us since March, 2011, is the author of the fantasy novella ALUMINUM LEAVES. Her short fiction has appeared in the anthologies BEYOND THE STARS, THE WAND THAT ROCKS THE CRADLE, STRANGE CALIFORNIA, and in Podcastle, The Noyo River Review, Daily Science Fiction and Flash Fiction Online. She’s retired from 35 years in county government, and spends some of her free time volunteering at a second-hand bookstore in her home town. You can read her blog at deedsandwords.com, and follow her on Twitter: @mariond_d.

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  1. Justin Blazier /

    The M. Lackey stuff is spicy. How embarrassing for the SFWA. The Atlas Obscura article is fun. As a veteran yard seller, I have never found anything remotely that interesting. I did buy an Alf doll 35 years after I initially asked my parents for it. Way to drop the ball mom and dad.

  2. Interesting about Lackey. Honestly, for older white people who are not involved in some progressive institution or cause, it is probably hard to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of acceptable vs unacceptable terms.

    She has apologized here and included a note from Samuel Delany: https://mercedeslackeyblog.tumblr.com/post/685121410657566720/i-wish-to-apologize

    • Justin Blazier /

      Oh yeah for sure. Don’t know that it was worth all the kerfuffle. Kind of feel for everyone involved.

    • There is a definite generational component in all of this. Frankly, though, I think Lackey’s spouse leaped in to quell the flames with a can full of gasoline, which didn’t help.

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