Comeuppance Served Cold Cover. Image from Tor.comI said this would be a single-issue column, but it will be a short links column instead.

Tordotcom Books has revealed the beautiful cover of Comeuppance Served Cold, here! And you can preorder it. You’re thinking, “She’s going to get obnoxious about this,” and you’re right.

Randall Plunket, Baron of Dunsany, descendent of the Lord Dunsany, has “rewilded” a large portion of his huge estate.

Here is a long and very interesting article about the genesis of Marvel’s Dr. Strange and its roots in orientalism. Also, some really interesting photographs.

Scarlett Johannson has filed a lawsuit against Disney Corporation for violation of contract over Black Widow. Disney has responded by trying to smear Johannson, and saying her allegations aren’t true (although there’s an email from Disney Marvel that supports the actor’s version of events.) Johannson’s agent has rebuked Disney. The agent’s statement is behind a paywall.

Atlas Obscura has a nice article about women warriors during Britain’s Civil War period.

My friend Mark Speaker Yuan is an avid wildlife photographer, primarily birds. He took this image of an Anna’s hummingbird.

Anna's Hummingbird. Image by Mark Speaker Yuan

Anna’s Hummingbird. Image by Mark Speaker Yuan




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