On this day in 1965, the Gemini 4 was launched. It was the first multi-day space mission by a NASA crew. Ed White, a crew member, performed the first American spacewalk.

fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviews

The Doubtful Guest, by Edward Gorey

Writing, Editing, and Publishing

The shortlist for the Morningstar Award for best debut in fantasy fiction has been announced, along with plans to make a new trophy. So excited to see Kameron Hurley on the list!

And my FAVORITE award, the Mythopoeic Awards, have announced their shortlist as well: check it out, and stock up on the year’s best myth-based fantasy and fabulism (and literary criticism) in the spirit of the Inklings.

Bitter Waters, by Chaz Brenchley, won this year’s Lambda for SF/F/H. Congratulations, Chaz!

Finally, the longlist for the Sunburst Awards, celebrating Excellence in Canadian Literature of the Fantastic, has been announced. A lot of good names on here–too many to list, so check it out!

Goodreads is offering readers a chance to ask Paolo Bacigalupi a question, as he promotes his new book, The Water Knife.

Thrilling news from Jeff VanderMeer: he’s working on an Area X novella entitled “The Birdwatchers”! Read an excerpt here.

Check out this discussion between Kazuo Ishiguro and Neil Gaiman about the stigma against genre fiction. I love what Ishiguro has to say in passionate defense of ogres.

New e-book covers to Tad Williams‘ MEMORY, SORROW, AND THORN series, done by Ben  Summers.

This week’s free YA audiobooks, given away by SYNC, are The Ring and the Crown by Melissa De La Cruz, and Sea Hearts, by Margo Lanagan.

fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviews

A Dull Afternoon, by Edward Gorey

Film and Television

Have you seen Mad Max: Fury Road yet? I have, and it was glorious. I think I need to see it again, in fact, to appreciate the great framing, the magnificently choreographed action scenes, and those incredible vehicles.

Eddie Redmayne has signed on to play Newt Scamander in the upcoming Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, based on J.K. Rowling‘s book of the same name. Which fantastic beasts can we expect to see in the film? This article suggests a few.

Check out this gorgeous animated film paying homage to Hayao Miyazaki, Syd Mead, and Moebius.

Have you ever wondered which horror movies were set in your state? I KNOW I HAVE. (nope) Apparently Mississippi is the place for The Beast Within, which really doesn’t sound that ba..*googles it* nope nope nope.

fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviews

The Choice, by Edward Gorey

Internet Stuff

I loved this article, “How to Train Your Velociraptor,” about what we know about saurian intelligence, specifically of velociraptors. How does this relate to the upcoming Jurassic World? It makes it slightly more plausible … which is really all I need to hear.

The Norwegians have done it again. A highway for bees!

A 20-year-old has invented a way to clean up the world’s oceans. Now can you please clean your closet, TIMMY!? Gosh.

Featured Art

I’m in a Gorey-sort of mood right now, so that’s why these images. Look at the adorable sneakers on the Doubtful Guest!


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