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Foreign edition cover art for The Crown Conspiracy by MJ Sullivan, by Marc Simonetti

Lots of links today to give you plenty of reading for when you’ve had just about as much family togetherness as you can take.

First, three free e-books from Nightshade Press. Two of these have been on my need to read list, and the third one looks interesting. Go here for details. (And yes, I checked it and it works!)

It’s like a slot machine for the literary set.

Sword and Laser’s Author Guide to Jim Butcher, with interview.

If you’re planning to re-read The Hobbit before the movie, Tor is hosting a re-read you can join.

Jo Walton’s “Something Else Like…” columns continue at Tor, with posts about Roger Zelazny and The Vorkosigan Saga, which may be of special interest to those who were intrigued by our positive review a few days ago of the latest installment in that saga.

A great infographic of the best selling sci-fi books of all time. I was proud to say I’ve read most of these.

Win a complete copy of the Earthsea books by Ursula K. Leguin.

Below this point, the posts lead to spoilery articles, so click through at your own risk:

A synopsis of the Ender’s Game movie has been released.

What would happen if Edward Gorey wrote Game of Thrones?

Who would win in a fight between Middle Earth and Westeros?


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