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1) Stefan Raets starts a new blog: Our very own Stefan Raets is retiring from FanLit so he can focus on his new blog, Far Beyond Reality and his frequent writing assignments for We’ll miss Stefan, but we’ll still occasionally post some of his reviews here after they’ve been up for a while at FBR. Stefan says, “I’ve very much enjoyed these last two and a half years. Fantasy Literature is an amazing site and a tremendous resource for fans of the genre. I learned a lot, I had a lot of fun, and I’m truly grateful that I had the opportunity to be part of the FanLit team. You’ll still see some of my work here at FanLit in the future, but for now please visit me at Far Beyond Reality!”

2) A Synopsis of Joe Abercrombie’s Upcoming Release: Neth over at Neth Space has spotted some enticing details about Red Country. I sincerely cannot wait for this book.

3) Gene Wolfe to Receive Chicago Literary Hall of Fame: Gene Wolfe’s books account for at least 74% of the used book market in the SFF genres. Andre Norton is the other 26%. No other authors have used books.

4) Samuel Youd aka John Christopher 1922-2012: Another legend shuffles off this mortal coil.

5) Unsettling Undead Art: The squeamish need not apply.

6) Win a Mega Gamer Package from Tor!: PFH has a great contest going on for video game inspired books from Tor. Not sure how long this lasts, but it’s a nice giveaway.

7) ‘Lord of the Rings’ Fan Creates a Middle Earth Family Tree: Once again I find myself speechless at how awesome some fans can be.


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