I’m standing in for Justin today. Apparently there was a Bigfoot sighting in Multnomah County, Oregon, so he’s loaded up the guns and ammo and is on his way. Personally, I think he’s gone to shop at Powell’s and just doesn’t want to admit it. Anyway, just a few things of interest (to me, at least) recently. If you’ve got anything else for SFF readers, please put it in the comments.

  1. Sadly, L.A. Banks passed away yesterday after a struggle with cancer. The announcement is at her website. To learn more about what Ms. Banks was like, read this touching blog post that Cherie Priest wrote about her several weeks ago.

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    L.A. Banks

  2. Tia Nevitt talks about how writing character-driven fantasy requires baring your soul. Specifically she’s focusing on the emotion of envy.
  3. Phoenix Pick’s free SFF e-book of the month is James P. Hogan’s The Multiplex Man.
  4. Alex Bledsoe, in his cape and long underwear, analyzes two NYT reviews and laments the “shafting of the genre.”
  5. Our own Stefan Raets discusses the Hugo-nominated novellas and novelettes at Tor.com.

If Bigfoot doesn’t get him, Justin will be back next week…


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