Thoughtful Thursday: What’s in your mind?

Kat and I both teach research methods at different universities. We both love statistics and charts and data and… well, you get the idea. Kat teaches psychology and today (at this very moment) she is teaching her students about personality types. The two of us were wondering if people who love to read and talk about fantasy literature might be likely to have similar personalities. To find out (we realize this isn’t completely scientific), we thought we would measure the different personality types showing up here at FanLit and compare that to the “normal” population. So here’s your task for today:

Go take this personality test which is a pretty good approximation of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and then come back and let us know what MBTI type you are in this poll. (Speculative fiction fans only, please. Cookies should prevent multiple votes, but please don’t try — thanks!):


fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviewsThe results will be hidden for now. Then, in the comment section make some predictions about how we may differ from the normal population. Don’t tell us your type until after next week or that will give it away. From those with one or more accurate predictions, we’ll choose someone to win a new copy of Stacia Kane‘s Demon Possessed (or a different option from our stacks). Check back in a few weeks to find out the results and whether you won!

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RUTH ARNELL (on FanLit's staff January 2009 — August 2013) earned a Ph.D. in political science and is a college professor in Idaho. From a young age she has maxed out her library card the way some people do credit cards. Ruth started reading fantasy with A Wrinkle in Time and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe — books that still occupy an honored spot on her bookshelf today. Ruth and her husband have a young son, but their house is actually presided over by a flame-point Siamese who answers, sometimes, to the name of Griffon.

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  1. Wow! I love this stuff and I’ve always wondered about personality types of people who like to read fantasy or genre fiction in general. In my daily life I rarely run across others who like to read what I do and even more so men who read at all. So I’ve wondered what makes me different…
    One question though.. When you say the results will remain hidden; do you still want us to post the result as a comment?
    I know, I always ask the dumb questions.. maybe that wills show in my personality type..:dunce:

  2. I won’t spoil mine yet, but my result was slightly different from what it usually is–I’m usually just on one side of one of the “borderlines” and this time I was just barely on the other side.

    I think there will be more I’s than in the general populace, because introverts like to spend their leisure time with a good book! Other than that, I’m not sure; for example, a T could be into one type of fantasy lit while an F might be into some other type, but both could enjoy some kind of fantasy.

  3. I agree. That will be more I’s too.

  4. I took a more in depth version of this test in highschool. I haven’t taken it since. I found it somewhat surprising the results were identical to when I had taken when I was 16. A lot has happen since then, I would have thought my score would change at least a little.

  5. I would believe that there will be much more “i”‘s than “E”‘s.

  6. Beth, I deleted your type for now so we won’t give anything away yet (I’m one letter different from you: the third letter).

  7. (As an example of what I’m talking about, I’ll reveal that I’m an F. I think this explains why I’m willing to forgive a hazy plot if the writing is gorgeous and the characters grab me, but all the careful worldbuilding in the universe won’t help if it’s flat. Other people focus more on whether the worldbuilding makes sense.)

    (Though, ideally, the best books will get everything right at once.)

  8. Kat/Beth,
    Mine is the 4th letter that was different. :-)) I’m anxious for the results already.

  9. My guess: We’ll have a lot of IN_ _ .

  10. I took one in high school too, and I don’t think it’s changed for me either. I think it’s possible the last letter has, but I don’t think so.

  11. Research shows that personality is pretty stable throughout life, especially after you become an adult.

  12. My bet is the IN__ will dominate as well. I’m the same as Beth, which is interesting since it said that’s the rarest group, when I read my description. Also, I’m doing exactly what it said would be my ideal career, so that’s nice to know I got it right.

  13. Me, too on the career: scientist. My description fits me EXACTLY. Today for my class I wore a T-shirt with my MBTI type on it. My husband said if that was his personality type he wouldn’t advertise it. Funny thing is, it IS his personality type, too!

    Thanks to fantasy authors Stacia Kane, Jaye Wells, and Mark Henry for re-tweeting!

  14. I don’t recall taking this kind of personality test before, but the results are interesting. Does my personality dictate what I read and what I write? So I don’t think I know enough to predict. (That statement is completely predicted by my personality type – I’m so self-conscious now!) But I’m fascinated to see the results.

  15. Like the others, I suspect we will mostly be “I” types. An interesting note — I work in the career field that is recommended for my type! This is some good stuff.

  16. Interesting, I am an EN type. I like solitude, but also being the centre of attention. I am like FDR or Margaret Thatcher. Imagine, a social reformer and a staunch conservative in the same personality type!

  17. I’m betting that more of us will be introverted, since the internet is a haven for introverts. It so nicely simplifies social interaction, setting it at a level that can be so much less exhausting than face-to-face situations.

    Along those lines, I’m guessing there will be more on the feeling side, since, once again, an introvert who is constantly dealing with the emotions of any social situation has a nice forum in the internet, a place where he can have more control over how much emotion he deals with in any given situation.

    Of course, I might be projecting just a bit here. Just a little.

  18. Where is the link to the poll mentioned in the post?

  19. Anonymous /

    more introverted, because , (in my opinion) ‘i”s read more

    and more feeling too

  20. I’m fairly certain that the I and N will be prominent in the results with a strong smattering of T.

  21. I think there will be more Is and Ns than there would be with people who don’t read fantasy

  22. Our lucky winner is ….Jeffe Kennedy

    Please contact Justin within 5 days after contest ends.


    Choose from the Stacks

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