Kat and I both teach research methods at different universities. We both love statistics and charts and data and… well, you get the idea. Kat teaches psychology and today (at this very moment) she is teaching her students about personality types. The two of us were wondering if people who love to read and talk about fantasy literature might be likely to have similar personalities. To find out (we realize this isn’t completely scientific), we thought we would measure the different personality types showing up here at FanLit and compare that to the “normal” population. So here’s your task for today:

Go take this personality test which is a pretty good approximation of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and then come back and let us know what MBTI type you are in this poll. (Speculative fiction fans only, please. Cookies should prevent multiple votes, but please don’t try — thanks!):


fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviewsThe results will be hidden for now. Then, in the comment section make some predictions about how we may differ from the normal population. Don’t tell us your type until after next week or that will give it away. From those with one or more accurate predictions, we’ll choose someone to win a new copy of Stacia Kane‘s Demon Possessed (or a different option from our stacks). Check back in a few weeks to find out the results and whether you won!