We read some fun books this week!

Bill: This week I read Kim Stanley Robinson’s Red Moon, which had some good ideas but overall was disappointing; read a good if not great collection of essays, A Field Guide to Getting Lost, by  Rebecca Solnit; and my son and I listened to Isaac Asimov’s classic Foundation and Empire on our way to a college visit.  We’ll finish with Second Foundation on another visit in two weeks. In other media, we’re working our way through The Magicians Season Four  and continuing to love it. On the other side of the spectrum, we keep ranting about the penultimate episode of GoT and how we, um, didn’t love it. Finally, we’re also slowly but happily continuing with The X-Files and are now into season three.

Jana: This week I hit some writing-time snags, but had time to read Sarah Beth Durst‘s MG novel Spark and Bryan Camp‘s Gather the Fortunes, the sequel to The City of Lost Fortunes. I also read “How to Swallow the Moon,” Isabel Yap’s Locus Award-nominated novelette, which I’ll be reviewing soon. I have a few other reviews percolating that I hope to finish in the next couple of days, and once I’ve gotten them knocked out, I’m going to jump into my omnibus edition of Claire North‘s GAMESHOUSE novellas, which I’m looking forward to since Kat enjoyed them so much, and Domenica Ruta’s upcoming novel Last Day, which I’m excited about because it sounds like Ruta is exploring humanity’s obsession with “end times” in an interesting way. Other than that, I’m watching the dandelions slowly take over my yard and hoping my Arbor Day Foundation saplings arrive soon, because I’m eager to get some trees in the ground!

Kat: This week: Exile’s Valor, the sequel to Exile’s Honor, by Mercedes Lackey, Exo and Cross Fire (an Locus Award nominee) by Fonda Lee, and The Everlasting Rose, the sequel to The Belles, by Dhonielle Clayton. Mostly these were enjoyable stories (and all excellent audio productions) but none will receive more than 3.5 stars from me.

Terry: I finished Stephen King‘s The Outsider this week, and immediately turned to a short story collection by his son, Joe Hill, called Full Throttle. Both books are completely engrossing and delicious.

Tim: This week, I read most of Mark Lawrence‘s Holy Sister, final installment in his BOOK OF THE ANCESTOR series. It’s been an engaging read so far, and I appreciate the way the protagonist has grown over the course of the series. Next up, I’m hoping to start Mary Stewart‘s The Hollow Hills.


  • Tim Scheidler

    TIM SCHEIDLER, who's been with us since June 2011, holds a Master's Degree in Popular Literature from Trinity College Dublin. Tim enjoys many authors, but particularly loves J.R.R. Tolkien, Robin Hobb, George R.R. Martin, Neil Gaiman, and Susanna Clarke. When he’s not reading, Tim enjoys traveling, playing music, writing in any shape or form, and pretending he's an athlete.