Marion: I finished the Veronica Roth novella Arch-Conspirator, that Bill recommended, and thought it was very good. Now I’m halfway through a thriller by Paula McLain called When the Stars Go Dark. It’s set in the village of Mendocino, CA, and other north-coastal spots in 1993. While it’s well-written, the blending of her fictional missing-girl story with the real-life Polly Klaas is a little hard to take. That case isn’t abstract history for me–I remember it vividly. I’m sticking with the book though.

Sandy: Moi? I am currently reading the final book that Scottish-born author John Taine wrote; his marvelously titled novel G.O.G. 666. The copy of the book that I own is the first-edition, 1954 hardcover from Fantasy Press. I look forward to sharing some thoughts on this one with you all shortly….

Terry:  I’m reading Owen Hill’s The Curator, but so far it hasn’t grabbed me. I guess I should have been warned off by the comparison to Dickens, whose work also doesn’t grab me!