Another week, more fun books!


JanaThis week I waited for new glasses to arrive; I finally admitted to myself that experiencing constant eyestrain-related headaches and just scooting my monitor closer are not long-term solutions to everything becoming increasingly blurry. So while I can still read books in short spurts if I hold them just so, and I can get reviews written by hand, I’m spending less time at the computer than I would like. It is…frustrating, to say the least. I finished Mira Grant’s In the Shadow of Spindrift House and read Jane Yolen & Adam Stemple’s novella The Last Tsar’s Dragons, and had drastically different reactions to each. (Reviews inbound, pending those life-changing spectacles.)

KatMy second summer course started this week and now I’ve got 150 freshmen in my life, so reading stalled a bit. I managed to finish Melanie Rawn’s Stronghold, the first book in her DRAGON STAR trilogy (but really the fourth book in her DRAGON PRINCE trilogy). I struggled to get through it, but I finally finished it. I reluctantly started the next book, The Dragon Token, and made it halfway through, but then had to quit. My freshmen’s panicked emails were more entertaining.

MarionI finished The Grand Dark by Richard Kadrey. The review has been posted. Today I’m starting Malka Older’s third CENTENAL CYCLE book, State Tectonics.

RayI’m still pointing the finger at George Martin for being so quiet these past few months, but I’ve finally finished A Feast for Crows and am going to take a little break so I can turn my eye to other stories… This week I started my first Mark Lawrence novel, Red Sister. Maybe not the best book to read straight after a Game of Thrones binge (it’s impossible not to compare), but so far so good.

SandyMoi? After having enjoyed John Taine’s fifth novel, The Greatest Adventure, I am now going back to his very first, 1924’s The Purple Sapphire, which has been reprinted for the first time in over 70 years by the fine folks at Armchair Fiction; part of their Lost World/Lost Race series of 24 titles. I look forward to reporting back to you all on this one shortly….

SkyeI was part of a book club! We read The Traitor Baru Cormorant and I can HIGHLY recommend reading it with other people – I don’t know what I would have done if I couldn’t yell (sometimes literally) about it every other week. I’ve been picking away at An Absolutely Remarkable Thing by Hank Green. While I think it could be a quick read, it’s got one of those characters that hits just a little too close to home, so I’ve been taking it a bit at a time.


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