Lots more fun books this week!

Jana: This coming week I’ll be starting Mercedes Lackey’s The Hills Have Spies, the first volume in the FAMILY SPIES trilogy within the larger VALDEMAR universe, so that I can understand what’s going on in Eye Spy, the just-published second volume. I haven’t read any of Lackey’s work before, but I’m well aware that she’s widely considered to be a cornerstone of the fantasy genre, so I’m curious to see how I respond to her style. Reviews of other books are forthcoming, albeit more slowly than I would prefer.

Kat: I had a pretty busy week and I’m in the middle of a book that I don’t like much, so I keep finding other stuff to do (like my job, grocery shopping, laundry, etc.). The book is John Varley’s Steel Beach, the second of his EIGHT WORLDS novels. I have to say that it’s really boring and I feel like giving up on it.

Kelly: I’ve continued compulsively reading Seanan McGuire’s OCTOBER DAYE books this week. I’m on Night and Silence now. The one I just finished, The Brightest Fell, was fantastic! On deck, I’ve got Ghost Wall by Sarah Moss and Magic for Liars by Sarah Gailey beckoning from my latest library haul.

Marion: Most of this week I’ve been at ReaderCon 30 in Quincey, Massachusetts. I’ve been listening a lot, but haven’t read much (although I’m going to buy about a dozen books.)  I did read many of the short stories in Sofia Samatar’s  wonderful new collection, Tender, a title which has two meanings. Some old favorites, like “Selkie Stories are for Losers,” and “How I Met the Ghoul” are here, along with some new gems.


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