Sunday Update! Art by Janny Wurts Marion:  I’m currently reading Indelible City; Dispossession and Defiance in Hong Kong, by journalist Louisa Lim. Lim grew up in Hong Kong. Her book is written in confessional journalism style where she centers herself in the story. Starting with the demonstrations for democracy in 2019, she traces the history of the city back to before the common era. Lim’s work is well-researched, and her prose is personal and immediate. I’m engrossed.

Bill: Since our last status I read Kelly Barnhill’s dark The Crane Husband (lovely sparse language, strong narrative voice), Sara Rich’s disappointing Mushroom (part of the mostly strong OBJECT LESSONS series), and Patricia Smith’s solid and important poetry collection,  Unshuttered, a series of poems spoken in the voices of African-American portrait subjects of the 19th century)

Sandy: Moi? I am currently reading one of the earlier novels by British sci-fi author John Brunner … his effort entitled The Atlantic Abomination, which was originally released by Ace in 1960. I have been hugely enjoying this one so far and look forward to sharing some thoughts on it with you all soon….

Terry: In addition to yet another THREE PINES mystery by Louise Penny, I’ve also read Magic Tides by Ilona Andrews, a novella about Kate and Curran after they make a move away from Atlanta. It was a quick, fun read.


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