Sunday Update! Art by Janny Wurts Marion:  I finished Mary Robinette Kowal’s “Nick and Nora Charles in Space” mystery, The Spare Man. It was fun. Continuing my William Gibson re-read, I’m about one-third of the way through Count Zero.

Sandy: Moi? I recently finished reading a book by Robert Silverberg that I had not even heard of until lately, and that book is Conquerors From the Darkness, which was first released in 1965. I was fortunate enough to find the 1968 Dell paperback. Like all Silverberg books, this one sucked me right in from the get. Right now, I am reading a book by Damon Knight entitled Beyond the Barrier, which was first released in 1963. I am reading the 1965 Macfadden paperback. I hope to be able to share some thoughts on both of these fine novels with you all very shortly….

Terry: I finished The Cruelest Month by Louise Penny, the third in her THREE PINES mystery series, as well as Howards End Is on the Landing by Susan Hill, a book about a year of reading from one’s home, enjoying one’s own library, which is a project I’ve been toying with myself. Last night, though, I started reading The Left-Handed Booksellers of London by Garth Nix, and I’m absolutely captivated; it’s such fun! I plan to pick up the next in the series, The Sinister Booksellers of Bath (coming in March) as soon as I’ve finished this.

Tim: As winter breaks ends and I begin rotating back into my usual schedule, I’ve been trying to make more time to settle down with books. I managed a small reread of Jim Butcher‘s DRESDEN FILES (still a bit of a comfort food for me even after all these years) and began Brandon Sanderson‘s latest, Tress of the Emerald Sea. So far it’s a slight stylistic stretch for Sanderson, and I’m curious to see where it goes.


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