Kat: I read a novella by a promising new author named Andrew Kelly Stewart. We Shall Sing a Song Into the Deep, published by Tor.com (audio by Tantor Audio), debuts on March 9. I’ll tell you about it soon.

Kelly: This weekend I’m “attending” my first virtual SFF convention. I’ve learned that I have much better dance moves in Second Life than I do in … uh, first life. I’m also reading The Second Bell by Gabriela Houston and Hard Light by Elizabeth Hand.

Marion: I finished Trouble the Saints by Alaya Dawn Johnson, which was rich, sad, dark and deep. Next I start Soulstar,  Book 3 of the KINGSTON CYCLE by C.L. Polk. There’s a book I’ve been awaiting for a year!

Terry: I’ve turned back to The Lost Future of Pepperharrow by Natasha Pulley, which takes a deep dive into Japanese culture that I find fascinating. I’m also still working on David Baldacci’s MEMORY MAN series; I finished Redemption, which was decent but not the strongest book in the series by a long shot, and have started Walk the Wire, which is the sixth and final book in the series so far.


  • Tim Scheidler

    TIM SCHEIDLER, who's been with us since June 2011, holds a Master's Degree in Popular Literature from Trinity College Dublin. Tim enjoys many authors, but particularly loves J.R.R. Tolkien, Robin Hobb, George R.R. Martin, Neil Gaiman, and Susanna Clarke. When he’s not reading, Tim enjoys traveling, playing music, writing in any shape or form, and pretending he's an athlete.