Kat: This week was the last week of my semester and I was busy with grading and other end-of-the-semester stuff. I didn’t get anything finished, but I’m working on Bob Proehl’s The Somebody People which is the sequel to last year’s The Nobody People. I like this one better.

Bill: This was a great week, as I read four excellent works: Remote Control, a novella by Nnedi Okorafor; The Mask of Mirrors, by M.A. Carrick, The Only Good Indians by Stephen Graham Jones and Vesper Flights, a collection of essays by Helen Macdonald. My genre TV even picked up as well, as I binged Devs, whose moodiness I quite liked, and The Mandalorian turned in one of my favorite episodes of the season. On the flip side, Discovery did nothing to either redeem this season or convince me that I’m going to want to watch its emperor spin-off.

Marion: I broke out of my reading drought by reading and re-reading Piranesi by Susanna Clarke. Another 5-star read in 2020! I thoroughly enjoyed Leigh Bardugo’s  dark, immersive and wholly entertaining urban fantasy Ninth House.

Sandy: Moi? Having recently finished one book from British publisher Wordsworth Editions, namely D. K. Broster’s Couching at the Door, I have plunged into still another. This one is Marjorie Bowen’s The Bishop of Hell and Other Stories, and I am hugely enjoying it and look forward to being able to share some thoughts regarding it in the near future. On the home viewing front, I recently finished binge watching the 120 episodes of the great great ‘60s program The Fugitive, for which I have written a rather long and laudatory review. (A pity that it is not subject appropriate for this sci-fi/fantasy/horror website, as I feel it’s one of the best things I’ve written recently.) Now, I am binge watching the 156 episodes of another classic ‘60s TV show, The Twilight Zone, about half the episodes of which – believe it or not – I have never seen. Perhaps I will be able to share some thoughts on this current binge in a few months’ time on this page…

Terry: I read a pair of novellas by Anthony Ryan, A Pilgrimage of Swords and The Kraken’s Tooth, both from the series THE SEVEN SWORDS. I’m looking forward to further entries in the series! Now I’m reading a debut mystery by Matthew Hart, The Russian Pink, which is excellent.


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