Under a Graveyard Sky: Here comes the Zombie Apocalypse

fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviewsUnder a Graveyard Sky by John Ringo SFF book reviewsUnder a Graveyard Sky by John Ringo

I have friends who are “preppers”:  people who stockpile supplies and make solid plans for what to do in the event of a natural disaster or complete collapse of society. Under a Graveyard Sky tells the story of the kind of scenario my friends have planned for, and of how the world as we know it could unravel if the Zombie Apocalypse occurred.

Steve Smith and his family are normal people who have taken serious precautions in case the world comes to an end. Some of their preparations make lots of sense, like being able to secure their home against bad weather and other disturbances. So when Steve’s brother, who shares the family outlook on disaster preparedness, alerts them to a potentially world-ending crisis, the family is prepared.

The story of a virus or other plague sweeping across the world and turning people into mindless, savage, flesh-eating monsters is well-covered territory in movies, books and comics. John Ringo sets his story apart by focusing on how a family would survive. What could really happen if the world was overrun? Would it be enough to just have lots of guns and bullets to shoot all the zombies? How would you handle medical emergencies? Lots of food for thought, and Ringo depicts a realistic vision of how a well-prepared, highly intelligent group of people could not only survive, but perhaps take a stand to preserve humanity.

Under a Graveyard Sky was a lot of fun for me. I don’t get into zombie movies, but this was more like military fantasy than horror. There’s some interesting social commentary about how things would be different in a world without police to protect us and enforce the laws. If you are a fan of John Ringo’s other books, then this one will be a great, easy read. I really liked it.

Black Tide Rising — (2013- ) Publisher: NEW SF/HORROR SERIES FROM NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLING AUTHOR! A family of survivors who fight back against a zombie plague that has brought down civilization. Zombies are real. And we made them. Are you prepared for the zombie apocalypse? The Smith family is, with the help of a few marines. When an airborne “zombie” plague is released, bringing civilization to a grinding halt, the Smith family, Steven, Stacey, Sophia and Faith, take to the Atlantic to avoid the chaos. The plan is to find a safe haven from the anarchy of infected humanity. What they discover, instead, is a sea composed of the tears of survivors and a passion for bringing hope. For it is up to the Smiths and a small band of Marines to somehow create the refuge that survivors seek in a world of darkness and terror. Now with every continent a holocaust and every ship an abattoir, life is lived beneath a graveyard sky.

fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviewsfantasy book reviews science fiction book reviewsfantasy book reviews science fiction book reviewsfantasy book reviews science fiction book reviews


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  1. I’d been wondering about this book. I’ve only read a little of Ringo’s stuff and hadn’t decided if I’m a fan or not.

  2. Sarah /

    My mother really likes this series. And she isn’t one for zombies, so that really amused me when she first started telling me about it. She was impressed with the way the author dealt with the questions of how would the family survive.

  3. Yes, I think there’s a lot of interest in surviving a disaster. I’m less worried about zombies than about the 9.0-magnitude quake, although many issues are the same.

  4. Are there blue-eyed blondes in heat in this book, John? Or lazy Mexicans?

  5. you know, don’t mean to racial profile but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a lazy Mexican. :)

  6. None of those, Katherine. Plenty of other offensive stuff. Teenagers drinking and strong sexual innuendo for people who are trapped in life boats. Lots of violence.

    I like the world building a lot and imagining how life would be after a real Zombie apocalypse.

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