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Agents of Light and Darkness, the second book in Simon R. Green‘s Nightside, once again follows the almost always abstruse John Taylor, the private detective who is really good at finding things. In Something From the Nightside we learned that John is a former Nightside badass who developed a conscious during his time away from the Nightside and returned to help someone in need. Agents of Light and Darkness follows a similar premise, except on a larger scale. This time it’s the Nightside itself that’s really in danger. Heaven and Hell are at war and John is stuck in between. He must locate the Unholy Grail before time runs out and the Nightside becomes collateral damage.

I liked Agents of Light and Darkness more than the first book. I always try to read at least two books of a series before truly deciding if I like it or not. In Agents of Light and Darkness, Simon R. Green takes the hyperbole that annoyed me so much from the first book and tones it down a level or two. He spends less time talking about how wild, crazy, and scary his world is and more time developing the characters that so desperately needed expanding.

This is a short book (as are most of the Nightside books) and a very enjoyable read. The pacing is much like the first — fast and fun. There are a ton of cool and colorful characters such as Suzie Shooter, Razor Eddie, The Collector, and many more. I look forward to seeing how these characters develop through the series. If you enjoy a fast-paced urban fantasy, try the Nightside series.

~Justin Blazier

urban fantasy book reviews Simon R. Green Something From the NightsideI agree with Justin. This book is more epic than the first and I loved the imaginative characters. I’m listening to the audio version which is really good.

~Kat Hooper


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