It’s award season! Next Saturday, May 14th, the 2015 Nebula awards will be announced, and the Hugos are coming up in August. Like last year, there is excitement, and plenty of controversy in many categories, although both Best Novel shortlists look solid.

As always, there are books we here at the site loved, and some we didn’t warm up to that much. And as always, there are books we hope will win and books we think will win, and those aren’t always the same books.

Let’s talk about the Nebula nominees first. We’ll do the Hugos in August.

The Nebula Candidates for Novel are:

I am terrible at predictions and if I’ve learned anything over the past couple of years it’s that I really can’t predict these awards at all. That said, I want Charles E Gannon to win the Nebula for Raising Caine, because I like that series a lot, and because this particular book pulls together every single thing the books do well. And it was exciting. I think Barsk, the Elephant’s Graveyard, is a book that is original, and so it should have a good shot at winning, but I think probably the winner will either be Jemisin’s The Fifth Season, or Uprooted.

Who do you think will win? Who do you want to win? Give us your thoughts below and one random commenter with a USA address will win a book from our Stacks.