Happy Birthday, FanLitHAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!

This week marks our SEVENTH birthday. Some of us (Kat, John, and I) have been around since the beginning (June 2007). Rebecca and Kelly joined us in 2008. Ryan and Terry arrived in 2010. Marion and Tim showed up in 2011, Brad and Steven joined in 2012. Sandy was a guest here for a couple of years before finally giving in and signing on a couple of months ago. Kate, the newb, is still getting lost on her way to the cafeteria.

FanLit T-shirt

In lieu of gifts this year, we’re requesting that our readers give a gift to a character from speculative fiction. I’m going to send Nynaeve a scrunchie for those braids she keeps pulling. What are you going to send to whom?

SEVEN commenters from the US or Canada will receive a gift from us: a BOOK from our stacks, some FanLit BOOKMARKS, and a totally wearable FANLIT T-SHIRT!