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David Zindell

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David Zindell was born in Toledo, Ohio, and resides today in Boulder, Colorado; he received a BA in mathematics and minored in anthropology at the University of Colorado at Boulder. His first published story was “The Dreamer’s Sleep” in Fantasy Book in 1984; his novelette ‘Shanidar’ , which formed the core of his first novel Neverness, won the Writers of the Future Contest in 1985. He was nominated for the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer in 1986.
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Neverness: Crazy-awesome ideas

Neverness by David Zindell

Nevernessis a really enjoyable “big idea” science fiction novel that takes place millennia in our future on the planet Icefall, also called Neverness. It's kind of Frank Herbert’s Dune meets Sir Thomas Malory's Le Morte d'Arthur with high-level mathematics, posthumanism, and trippy metaphysics thrown in.

The story follows the life of Mallory Ringess, a trainee enrolled at "the Academy," which was founded by a pseudo-monastic order of truth-seekers called “the Order of Mystic Mathematicians and Other Seekers of the Ineffable Flame,” hoping to become a pilot. Now in this day and age a pilot combines the aspects of a theoretical mathematician with those of a questing knight. Using advanced mathematics, the pilots are able to navigate within the manifold, a k... Read More

War in Heaven: An epic of galaxy-spanning philosophical adventure

War in Heaven by David Zindell

David Zindell’s space opera books, that started with the stand-alone Neverness and continued with his REQUIEM FOR HOMO SAPIENS trilogy (of which this volume is the conclusion), always scratch that itch I have for DUNE-like space opera. You’ve got the baroque world-building of a far, far future of humanity in an interstellar diaspora that combines elements of medieval and pre-industrial societies with ‘magical’ technology and gleaming ships that fold space; you’ve got bizarre human enclaves (sometimes almost reminiscent of Jack Vance, though with less obvious caustic humour) so that societies of warrior-poets, pilot-mathematicians, scientist-philosophers, autist-savants, and priest-kings all rub shoulders in a bewildering and colourful throng; you’ve got ph... Read More

More books by David Zindell

Ea Cycle — (2001-2007) Publisher: On the island continent of Ea it is a dark time of chaos and war. Morjin, immortal fallen angel and Lord of Lies, seeks to enslave the entire world. The one thing that may destroy him is the legendary Lightstone, an object lost in the mist of time. A call is sent out by those still free to seek this grail and give Men hope after ages of despair. It is a quest that none have seen the likes of in ten generations. And most believe is doomed to fail. What man is hero enough, brave enough or foolish enough to embark on such a mad quest? Valashu Elahad, the seventh and youngest Valeri prince of the royal house of Mesh, is such a man. With his faithful companion Maram by his side, Valashu will journey to the farthest reaches of Ea to try and reclaim this mystical object, to free the world of Morjins evil and save his people from sure destruction. Along the way he will discover truths about friendship, courage and love. And discover a power that threatens to... Read More